AT 86 years, playwright says arthritis is more and more restrictive, but also finds room for satirical jabs in Boris Johnson's government. and everyday comedy

Alan Bennett's annual column on his life for the London Review of Books this year reveals beloved author deteriorating as he faces isolation in pandemic.

Bennett admits in the diary, published Wednesday in the LRB, that he found himself dwelling on his «physical disability». during 12 last months The man from 86 years old suffers from arthritis, and the fact that he can no longer ride a bicycle – to some extent meant farewell to the health that went with it, and my life is more and more medicated – he writes, revealing a longing for a stairlift that will never come true – for aesthetic reasons –

– I go down in the morning and I don't go back before going up for my bath before supper, – Bennett writes in August â ???? The stairs are painful and slow, my bones audibly squeak, with my right leg and ankle worse than my left I don't know if exercise makes it better or worse, even though i can only walk around the block every night – how long I will be able to continue walking is an open and urgent question ????

He tells, with characteristic humor, a night walk, which happens to be a thursday, and which coincides with a gunfire of applause and panicking from neighbors on their balconies to celebrate the NHSâ ???? Bennett is unable to join in the applause as he has to hold his cane and he fears that walking along the road, I seem to recognize the applause and even generate it I try to disavow it by smiling weakly and shaking my head, but it looks like modesty This is an absurd and inexplicable incidentâ ????

Isolation, he says, «start stealing my word». a???? calling the optician about a broken pair of glasses, he found himself «so lost». than his partner, Rupert thomas, had to take over – He didn't find it at all strange I'm doing a???? writes Bennett in July He complains about the wreckage of his hands after constant washing, writing that although he did “never been so deep”. of them, they can hardly bear to watch: shiny, venous and as transparent as an anatomical illustration, describing them as the hands of an old lady, in slow motion in a tower somewhere ????

Mentioning everything, from old favorites to childhood fishing trips with his family, Bennett contrasts his admiration for Victoria Wood, whose diners captured – the idiom of an old-fashioned working class man, elaborate, literate and speaking – magnet…, with his disdain for the soft hand fist Graham Greene («a darling of Sunday newspapers in the years 1960, he was always said to be retiring while hungry for publicity»)

He also talks about the decision to stage a new version of Talking Heads, actors and team forgoing payment so that all profits go to the NHS. A card from Martin Freeman thanking Bennett for his monologue is carried by the author – in my pocket like a hand warmer – he is so happy with it The amount raised for the NHS by the program, he notes, is at least 1 million pounds – no nose skin, because I never expected the programs to repeat, but the financial sacrifice for some actors and the crew will not only be theoretical.

Bennett also finds room to send some scathing thoughts to Boris Johnson's management, mourning how the late Tom Bingham, the former grand lord of the law, would have – had made Johnson rush for the cover – ?? pendant… those shameful days…

– I must cost the NHS a fortune, and I am happy that, grâce à Talking Heads, we were able to reimburse part of it, if only a little, – he writes, in his entry of 9 December – Boris Johnson never fails to call him “our NHS”, although that offers no assurance that he will not sell it, although we hope that now he … ? lost her boyfriend through the water, there may be less ????

Alan Bennett

News – GB – The newspaper 2020 Alan Bennett reveals growing health problems
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Alan Bennett& # 39; s The newspaper 2020 reveals growing health problems
– Yorkshire playwright Alan Bennett reveals health issues and pays tribute to Settle Bookstore in latest annual newspapers”> Yorkshire playwright Alan Bennett reveals health issues, pays tribute to Settle bookstore in latest annual diaries


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