Scientists have found that products like Dentyl can eradicate Covid-19 under laboratory conditions, described as “a promising sign” in the fight against the deadly bug

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Mouthwash can kill the coronavirus in 30 seconds after exposure in a laboratory, according to a scientific study

Preliminary result precedes clinical trial to determine whether the use of over-the-counter mouthwash has the potential to reduce levels of Covid-19 in a patient's saliva.

According to the Cardiff University report, mouthwashes contain at least 007% cetypyridinium chloride (CPC) showed «promising signs» ability to fight the virus

The report has not yet been reviewed, but supports another study published last week which found that CPC-based mouthwashes are effective in lowering the viral load of Covid-19

The latest test was performed by scientists from the university lab and mimicked the conditions of a person's throat using brands of mouthwash, including Dentyl

A clinical trial will then examine the effectiveness of mouthwash in reducing viral load in the saliva of patients with Covid-19 at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, the results of which should be published in the first part of 2021.

Dentyl is the only UK mouthwash brand to participate in the clinical trial of 12 weeks, headed by Professor David Thomas of Cardiff University and entitled: “Measuring the antiviral activity of mouthwash against Covid-19”

Dr Thomas said: «Although these mouthwashes very effectively eradicate the virus in the laboratory, we need to see if they work in patients and that is the goal of our ongoing clinical study.

“It is important to note that the study will not give us any direct evidence on viral transmission between patients., which would require a different type of study on a much larger scale

“However, the ongoing clinical study will show us how long the effects last after a single administration of the mouthwash in patients with Covid-19.”

He added: “Although this in vitro study is very encouraging and constitutes a positive step, there is now a clear need for further clinical research.

“We need to understand if the effect of over-the-counter mouthwashes on the Covid-19 virus obtained in the laboratory can be reproduced in patients, and we look forward to completing our clinical trial in early 2021.”

He stated: “If these positive results are reflected in the Cardiff University clinical trial, CPC-based mouthwashes such as Dentyl used in the in vitro study could become an important addition to people's routines, with hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks, now and in the future”

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News – FR – The mouthwash kills the coronavirus in seconds and “ could be added to hand washing routine ”
Associated title :
Mouthwash can kill the coronavirus in seconds and & # 39; could be added to hand washing routine & # 39;
Mouthwash is able to kill COVID-19 in 30 seconds after exposure in a laboratory, according to a scientific study
Mouthwash kills coronavirus by 30 seconds in lab tests, the results of the study
Mouthwash can eradicate the coronavirus by 30 seconds, according to a study by Cardiff University
Mouthwash & # 39; kills the coronavirus by 30 seconds & # 39; and could be added to the hand washing routine
Mouthwash & # 39; kills the coronavirus in 30 seconds & # 39 ;, study finds
Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 by 30 seconds, study finds


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