Il semble que la conclusion de la saga de l’agent 47 avec Hitman 3 se déroule dans des eaux troubles Le jeu sortira le 20 janvier et il a déjà trouvé sa juste part de controverse Selon Polygon, IO Interactive facture des frais aux joueurs PC pour importer des données tandis que les joueurs sur console peuvent le faire gratuitement Cela pourrait finir par entraver le jeu et nuire à ses ventes, car les studios de jeux offrent généralement de telles fonctionnalités sans frais supplémentaires.

Originally, le studio IO Interactive avait promis que les joueurs pourront importer les données des deux jeux précédents sur Epic Games Store (EGS) However, this is no longer the case, because PC gamers found themselves in a difficult situation

Players will first need to import data from the original Hitman to his sequel, and only then can the data be imported to the third iteration. However, exclusive deal with Epic Games Store prevents PC gamers from doing just that, car Hitman 2 is not available on the same platform.

Hitman's EGS owners 1 will receive a free pass with the players, who bought a free copy last year in August However, even if you own Hitman 1, l’absence de Hitman 2 in the store will require you to cough up an additional amount of money to import data into the third game via the game pass.

Players will need to purchase the pass from EGS after Hitman is released 3 the 20 January This pass will be sold at 80% reduction during 14 first days, although the game studio has not yet put a price on the game pass.

To counter the EGS problem, the studio offered an alternative method to link the games through their official website However, the same problem is nonexistent for Xbox One owners & X series, PS4, because the game offers free data import

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News – FR – The Hitman Exclusive Agreement 3 with Epic Games Store Forcing PC Gamers To Pay More – Essentially
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