Increase your proficiency level in Hitman and Hitman 2 is great fun: you unlock new equipment along the way, and it forces you to test your assassination skills and take on as many unique challenges as possible from the place. Those of you who are considering acquiring Hitman 3 may be delighted to hear that Whittleton Creek and New York are getting additional mastery levels.

As these are two of the smallest steps in the series, they both finished at master's level 15 in Hitman 2 However, the trophy list for Hitman 3 reveals that they will now both progress to mastery level 20, which matches larger places like Paris and Mumbai. This means there will likely be new rewards to unlock., as well as potentially even additional challenges to overcome.

Obviously, Hitman games are already focused on replayability, but those extra mastery levels should inspire you even more to return to the two US-based locations.

True PlayStation Veteran, Sammy has covered the PS gaming world for years, with a huge number of trophies to prove it He also loves tennis games much more than you

I am in the chapter 9 right now with everyone still alive I missed 2 collectibles in chapter 8, so i will have to get them before playing “everyone dies” I would say the hardest QTE so far has been Emily escaping Wendigo at the end of the chapter 8 I thought for sure I was dead when I missed a QTE and almost fell into a stone crusher

@ScottyG You are confused by your LMAO comment I came here and read the article on Hitman3 and it took a while to realize that your comment was about Until Dawn


News – GB – Hitman 3 retroactively adds additional mastery levels to Whittleton Creek, New York
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Hitman 3 retroactively adds Masters Levels at Whittleton Creek, New York


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