Avec Half-Life Alyx, Valve gave us a nice comeback from the Half-Life franchise It was an episode in its own right and arguably the best VR game of all time As the Half-Life franchise has officially come back from hibernation, we absolutely do not know if and what the series will bring us And then this question always comes up Half-Life 3 is it still going? JJ delved into the history of Half-life to see if there is still a chance of one day seeing Part 3 And all because the boss of Valve, Gabe Newell, reopened the door earlier this week…

Of 2007 at 2019, it was completely calm around the Half-Life franchise episode 3, provided for 2008, was never heard and a return of the franchise was never certain to 100% This era ended in November 2019, puis Half-life: Alyx was first shown The game had a March release date 2020 The time had finally come The Half-Life franchise was officially back Or have we actually worked on the series between the years?, but we've never seen this?

But the arrival of Half-Life Alyx hasn't changed much when it comes to Half-Life. 3 Half-Life 3 still not there, and we do not know if he is developing Gabe and his associates refuse to give real and concrete information However, in an interview this week, Gabe indicated that Half-Life Alyx has changed a bit at the studio. What it was didn't just say that there were games in development The question now is whether Half-Life 3 has been included Is the game in development or will it ever happen again? JJ will attempt to answer this question based on the interviews and statements as well as Valve's corporate culture and mores today..

Gabe Newell, Valve Corporation, Half-Life, Portal, Shigeru Miyamoto, Half-Life 2: Episode 3

News – FR – Half-Life 3 will be released someday or should we forget about it?


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