Blizzard today confirmed details regarding the release of Hearthstone's very first mini-set featured as an addition to the Madness at The Darkmoon Faire expansion, the mini set contains 35 new cards and will be launched on 21 January.

There are two ways to acquire the cards You can buy the full set, which will earn you two copies of each community card, rare and epic, as well as one of each legendary card, for the cost of 15 $ or 2000 gold coins up to 11 May. (There are four legendaries in the set, which seems like a good deal for 2000 gold coins)

The other way to get them is randomly, via Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs Due to how duplication protection works, if you decide to go the pack route, the more ancient Darkmoon cards you have, the faster you will see the news.

These cards bring back the mechanics of previous expansions, like the Spellburst and two-class cards from the Scholomance Academy, and the Sleeping keyword from Ashes of the Outland.

The mini set release was always going to be an interesting inflection point given the recent controversy over the cost of Hearthstone that has been sparked by the new Season Pass But the package here seems to be good value for money., whether you pay cash or fake money It will also be interesting to see if sentiment around the season pass has changed as we head into the next full expansion.

Once you have reached the level 50 during the pass, you will feel like you are making gold at a very decent music video afterwards, and given the choice, most players would rather have the extra cosmetics in the game than not. We will see

The 21 January also sees a Battlegrounds update, with new Tickatus and Greybough heroes and new Soul Devourer and Ring Matron minions added to Meanwhile mode, Duels mode will be updated with new hero powers and treasures, and the number of hero powers you can choose from will increase to three while the number of treasures to choose from will increase to six.

Finally, the 2 February brings next free Book of Heroes solo adventure It focuses on Anduin as a young prince, long before he becomes King of Stormhold Players who complete the single player experience will earn a Priest Pack

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News – FR – Darkmoon Races is the first «mini-set» the Hearthstone, with 35 new cards
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Darkmoon Races is Hearthstone & # 39 ;’s first & # 39; mini-set& # 39 ;, with 35 new cards
Darkmoon Races, the very first mini-set of &, coming thursday
My-set extension of &, The Darkmoon Races, to add 35 cards


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