Les astronomes ont repéré le trou noir supermassif le plus ancien et le plus éloigné jamais découvert, rapporte Jackson Ryan de CNET

Des trous noirs, des riens voraces avec des attirances gravitationnelles si fortes que même la lumière ne peut pas s’échapper, se rendent invisibles par leur nature même Mais, quelque peu paradoxalement, les trous noirs les plus massifs créent les objets les plus brillants de l’univers, shining disks of swirling light and matter known as quasars, because they suck everything that comes too close.

So, this newly discovered supermassive black hole has not been spotted, in itself, but after more than 13 billion years, light radiating through the universe from its accompanying quasar illuminated the presence of the black hole in negative space The researchers, in an article published this month in Astrophysical Journal Letters, named the quasar J0313-1806 and write that its animated black hole dates back to only 670 million years after the Big Bang – 20 million years older than what is now the second oldest. black hole never found

This oldest and therefore the most distant quasar and others like him “are essential for understanding how the first black holes formed and for understanding cosmic reionization – the last major phase transition of our universe”, explique Xiaohui Fan, astronomer at the university. from Arizona and co-author of the article, in a statement

The black hole of J0313-1806 is 16 billion times the mass of the sun and 10 trillions of times brighter, Ashley Strickland reports for CNN

But taken with his age, this supermassive black hole challenges existing notions about how these colossal star-eaters form and grow, Maria Temming reports for Science News Researchers believed that supermassive black holes begin with what are called seed black holes, that form when huge stars collapse, that just get bigger and bigger over time.

More, selon Science News, when Fan and his colleagues tried to trace the growth of the supermassive black hole, their calculations did not match the standard explanation Instead, they found that even though the seed that gave birth to J0313-1806 was forming just as the first stars in the universe appeared and grew at a breakneck rate, we should have started with a mass of about 10000 suns – several times more than what is considered the maximum starting mass for these seed black holes

“The black holes created by the very first massive stars could not have grown so large in just a few hundred million years”, says Feige Wang, astronomer at the University of Arizona, in the press release

Fan tells CNET that a black hole of seeds of sufficiently giant size may have formed via the direct collapse of large amounts of primordial hydrogen gas instead of a star, or that black holes are simply growing faster than we think

“Both possibilities exist, but none is proven”, Fan told Science News «We have to look much sooner [In the universe] and looking for much less massive black holes to see how these things develop.”

Alex Fox is a Washington-based freelance science journalist, DC He wrote for Science, Nature, Science News, San Jose Mercury News and Mongabay You can find it on Alexfoxsciencecom

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News – FR – That old supermassive black hole of 13 billion years is the oldest ever found
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Oldest, Farthest, Brightest: Astronomers Discover Cosmic Heavyweight
UCSB researchers discover the first quasar in the universe
That old supermassive black hole of 13 billion years is the oldest ever found

Source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/13-billion-year-old-supermassive-black-hole-oldest-ever-found-180976789/

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