Si vous aimez un bon interrupteur à clé, vous adorerez ces claviers de jeu irréguliers Provenant des gens de Drop (anciennement Massdrop), ces trois claviers – CTRL, ALT et Preonicoffrent un tout nouveau niveau de personnalisation à ceux qui cherchent à améliorer leur jeu de clavier, et ils sont tous à prix réduit ce Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Offers ​​Monday 2020: l’endroit où aller pour les meilleures offres Cyber ​​Monday

Nous avons le choix entre trois saveurs, chacune étant plus adaptée aux désirs et aux besoins du passionné de clavier en herbe

To begin, la touche CTRL Il s’agit d’une forme de carte familière pour les joueurs sur PC, taking the form of a regular design without ten keys It's a great space saver for those of you with small desks It comes with per-key RGB lighting on each key, a complementary RGB strip surrounding the entire outer shell and PBT keys In fact, these three cards now use the stronger PBT plastic which is preferred by keyboard fans for its sturdy construction.

Ensuite, you have ALT, the slightly more compact design that does away with the keys that unnecessarily surround the main character set Function keys? Fuhgeddaboudit

Mechanical keyboard Drop CTRL | Wired | Tenkeyless | 200 $ 160 $ ​​chez Drop (save 40 $) If you are not ready to cut a large part of your keys in exchange for a neat and polished aesthetic, how about something a little bigger in the Drop CTRL Similar construction, same switching flexibility and only a little more moneySee the deal

Drop Alt Mechanical Keyboard | Wired | Compact | 180 $ 144 $ chez Drop (save 36 $) With a wide choice of key switches, including the charming Halo Clears, Drop's Alt Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect gift for anyone looking to take their keyboard playing to the next level, including yourself Its compact footprint also includes key lighting over the entire length of the card See the offer

Abandon the OLKB Preonic keyboard | Wired | Smol | 140 $ 115 $ chez Drop (save 25 $) This one is for anyone obsessed with A E S T H E T I C The Preonic is a tiny, highly customizable keyboard That's because it's not built yet, you have to do it yourself It's easy, however: choose a case color and switches and spend an afternoon creating your own dream keyboardSee the deal

ALT is almost a smaller version of CTRL You will need to be a little more skilled with your macros and shortcuts to use it, but once you have defined the basic functionality, I promise you will be a better typist for this This compact size also covers most of the basics required for gaming, although you may need to find the FN keyboard shortcuts to access some often used keys.

Finally, we hit the top of the keyboard nerd My Kind of People Drop OLKB Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3 is not so much a keyboard as the building blocks of a keyboard – you will have to insert everything yourself This has some advantages, however, such as the ability to choose your own case from a range of colors and styles Frosted Acrylic, gun bronze, orange, violet, red or silver, the choice is yours You can even order without a case and 3D print a suitable design

You will have to order switches and keys yourself for use with the Preonic But this only gives you more freedom to do whatever you want in the key switch department The DIY kit comes with a design PCB hot swappable, which means you can remove the switches and replace them as you like and without soldering

Once you have started buying key switches, it's hard to stop I have bags of things Bags

So you see that it's not always the same names and faces that appear during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday For a little more of the irregular life, check out other drop deals and there's always our guide to Cyber ​​gaming keyboard deals ​​Monday

There is no “ Silicon Valley ” where Jacob grew up, but part of his country of origin is known as “ The valleys ” and therefore can be easily mistaken for a place that is happening in the tech world From there, he graduated to smash things professionally, then write about it for cash in the city of Bath, UK.

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