It's not scary with her big green eyes and especially her size, which is the size of a grain of rice, about 4 mm. This new species of Australian peacock spider has received a sweet name, Maratus nemo The spider scientist named Joseph Schubert explains that the coloring of the male of this species reminded him of the clownfish Nemo, in a Pixar cartoon

This scientist, who works at the Melbourne Museum, discovered this spider for the first time on a Facebook page dedicated to these animals, Explain “Sydney Morning Herald”. Sherrill Holiday, a manager of the environmental association, took a picture of him and the latter saw him in the Mount Burr Marais area, in the extreme south of Australia, on the foliage: «She had a simple back, but his orange-red face was prominent. I had never seen anything like this before, so i thought it was new. ”

Joseph Schubert called her and she mailed him samples in jars that were photographed and photographed by the anthropologist and then narrated. His research has been published in Evolutionary Systematics. This is the thirteenth species of peacock spider he has since discovered 2019, when he only had 23 years, 92 peacock spider species have been identified, and there was only 15 cash in 2011 that this guy was called «peacocks» because of the male's shimmering colors and his tendency to courts Raise a paw and wave him

This Nemo Maratus is found in ephemeral wetlands on swampy plants in shallow water. No other species of peacock spider is known to occupy such habitats Only a third of Australian spiders have been identified and named to date

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