The smartphone addiction is real, to the point that we meet every day people implanted in their mobile phones, which does not matter the procedure or the situation and although it reflects the importance of small machines in our lives, this excess leads to real accidents which lead to News sections in different newspapers

So, it is not uncommon for people who walk and do not look around to find themselves in situations that are at best funny and at worst dangerous. This is where a new invention presents itself as a third eye whose sole purpose is to warn you of potential danger

Paeng Min-Wook, a 28-year-old designer, surprised his little world with his new creation: a useful third eye for people who use their smartphone on the go

It is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor which “Sun” when you approach a potential obstacle, an invention that we will not judge here, but besides looking like Cyclops, looking forward seems like a good solution.


Since Disney entered the streaming market, each competing service is closely monitored to assess the upward or downward trend in new subscriptions to the

It’s no surprise to anyone: that the mobile phone is becoming more and more important in everyday life, especially thanks to the fact that it can be used anywhere,

It’s now official, at the moment in France there is a project supported by europe which would have succeeded in producing an antigen test with a response on a smartphone

Rich and famous Elon Musk interviewed Business Insider, an interview in which he talks about artificial intelligence, of course, more

Une étude récente a montré que notre dépendance à notre smartphone n’a rien à voir avec le fait que nous recevons des notifications push. Ils ont évidemment leur part de

Marcher dans la rue en regardant votre smartphone est très dangereux (et encore plus dangereux si vous avez des écouteurs dans les oreilles) in fact, si vous êtes très concentré

Être une personne malvoyante qui ne voit pas toujours les obstacles devant moi, ça peut marcher pour nous aussi

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