Pokemon Go player went viral after sharing his encounter with a weird Snorlax bug during Kanto celebration The hilarious issue prompted the giant to prevent the fan from claiming his reward

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has had its share of technical issues with millions of «mon» captured every day, it is inevitable that players will stumble upon an occasional bug every now and then

A trainer went viral on 21 February after stumbling across a ridiculous issue involving the Snorlax giant behind Gen I fan video ‘my blocking every Pokeball thrown got the community in trouble

The 21 February, Niantic Celebrated 25th Anniversary Of The Pokemon Series With A Free Celebration Of Kanto The Limited Time Event Allowed Players To Catch Popular Red Monsters & Green, released in Japan in 1996

A player attending the celebration got stuck when a problem prevented him from claiming his Eevee Go Trainer reward «eten123» went viral after sharing the find on the subreddit r / TheSilphRoad

The player uploaded a video that shows them clicking on their reward, to find a Snorlax sitting above the wild Eevee They then throw several Poke Balls, only for each of them to bounce off Snorlax's butt”Do I need a Pokeflute before I can catch this Eevee?” yes, the fan exclaims, referring to the sleeping giant in the main games

The ridiculous problem made the community laugh «Oh my poor Evoli», wrote a fan A player replied: «Love the way you tried to throw it and even tried between the legs too”Another jokingly exclaimed,” Damn boy he thicc”

Although it's a frustrating situation, one user actually thought this could be a cool feature «Not for nothing, this seems like a pretty fun bug that can be turned into a Give Us a Pokeflute feature and once in a Blue Moon, Snorlax appears and you just have a mini-game challenge to play the flute », they said.

According to several players, this issue is not really new and was reported during the beta phase of Go so it's interesting to see the bug reappear years later

While Snorlax prevented the trainer from claiming his reward, the comedic situation made the community laugh.It's also strangely appropriate given the tradition of «mon» series giant

Twitch Prime Gaming loot for FIFA 21 seems to be back at the end of January After a long wait, this is what you can expect: including type of pack, when you can claim, and more

Last year, a number of free packs have been made available to members of the in-game community on a monthly basis In addition to their Division Rivals and FUT Champions rewards, these help put together a great team of players who can be useful to play with or to complement SBCs.

Many players have used them in the past, so let's see what to expect in the future

Some great players may drop out of FUT packs, so anything free is a bonus for players

Monday 25 January, FIFA 21 deployed the first Twitch Prime Gaming Pack of 20201, and obviously everyone was happy to grab it themselves since the site listing the rewards temporarily seemed to go down right after the announcement.

Thanks to the images of the page before it disappears, we know we will also be receiving a Prime Gaming pack every month by May No exact date has been given, but she should arrive at the end of each month, because the current date

While we expected something similar to FIFA packs 20, the 21 versions appear to include one less rare Gold player, just in case you want to cut your hair on the details. FIFA packs 21 Twitch Prime, which were last distributed in August, understood:

Although this is not the most amazing pack, more players is always a good thing in FIFA., if you can get it for free with Twitch Prime, You wouldn't turn it down Maybe your pack luck might strike with it

When FIFA rewards 21 Twitch Prime will begin to roll out, you just need to do a few things to get them

If you receive a Prime Gaming pack after launch, be sure to tweet us @UltimateTeamUK with your opening ⁠ – especially if you get something nice!

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Hilarious Pokemon Go Snorlax glitch sabotages player& # 39; s challenge reward
Pokemon Go should consider adding Pokeflute to the game after this Bug

Source: https://www.dexerto.com/pokemon/hilarious-pokemon-go-snorlax-glitch-sabotages-players-challenge-reward-1519636/

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