Worlds collide and Twitter explodes as Twitch streamer Tommyinnit surprisingly divulges TikTok superstar Addison Rae is in the Dream SMP (multiplayer survival) Minecraft Discord serveur

Founded by the Dream Team, Whitelisted Dream SMP Minecraft private server is a role-playing world, theater and, above all, Familiar entertainment with their fair share of intriguing characters, fans are now pushing the boundaries of curiosity and excitement at the possibility that a mainstream TikTok icon could enter Minecraft players, Twitch streamers and the YouTubers arena.

Dream, the faceless character behind the waiter, account 16 million subscribers on YouTube Tommyinnit, the English teenager and one of the fastest growing streamers in the world, account 3 million Twitch Rae subscribers, who became famous for his own dance moves, account 34 million followers on Instagram and 75 millions on TikTok

Pendant un stream Twitch, Tommyinnit couldn't contain himself as he noticed Rae on Dream SMP's general Discord channel Expressing serious surprise and confusion, the streamer discussed her presence and quickly set social media on fire as fans debated what her presence might entail.

When the game once looked like a niche domain, Internet celebrities like Rae and James Charles, or even American politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have all immersed themselves in the world of streaming at the height of popularity among us

Unfortunately, Rae’s specific crossbreeding experience in the Twitch streaming world was far from ideal as she encountered severe backlash during her session with us with Pokimane., Corpse Husband et, in what could now be considered a preview, Dream

Not being discouraged by this hatred, it seems that Rae’s interest in games remains unruffled And, to the delight of those who prefer positive energy to hate, Dream SMP fans seem to be taking this leak in a much more fun and confusing light than Twitch chat.

Addison Rae joins the Dream Smp in the middle of the Tommy and Tubbo dream battle she screams «STOP» and everyone stops fighting, she walks over to dream and sweeps her face, canonically killing him for the last time she hands her records to Tommy and becomes the smp queen

It is not known if Rae will play an actual role in the Dream SMP or if she was simply testing the water by joining the Discord.. When Tommyinnit later attempted to invite the TikTok superstar for a voice chat, she ignored the request, which prompted him to call him jokingly «d ** khead”

With this leaked quasi-involvement already plunging social media into a frenzy, one can only imagine the potential of the content if «Draem Junior High» becomes a reality

The star of TikTok, Giulia Amato, criticized TikTok fans for constantly comparing her to Addison Rae and other influencers, saying she felt like she had «received a different identity”

Since the launch of his channel in April 2019, Giulia Amato, 17 years, made a name for himself on TikTok In addition to having an impressive 18 million subscribers, its content – which includes dances, lip sync and POV – helped her to accumulate nearly 55 million likes on the app

However, many fans who noticed Amato's striking resemblance to TikTok superstar Addison Rae, her comments are often inundated with comparisons and she has been accused of copying Rae in the past

for example, in October, Amato was accused of having «copy» Addison Rae after restoring her natural brown hair color shortly after Rae dyed her own hair brown.

In this TikTok, it's clear Amato has had enough of the comparisons She captioned the clip: «My name is Giulia Amato and I don't want to be compared to other people every day”

Clearly referring to Addison Rae's comparisons, Amato continued: “So now, you all know who I'm compared to I don't want to say his name because I don't want it to sound like I'm using his name to influence this video, but you know who i'm talking about”

She clarified even further: “My videos were, in the beginning, filled with a lot of hate, with a lot of people comparing us, and that I can handle”

Noting how she has recently been compared to a «mixed» of Rae and «two or four» other top TikTok stars, Amato claimed in the video that, contrary to the accusations made in the comments, she has never had cosmetic surgery or other treatments performed on her face

Sympathizing with Amato's frustrations, Instagram fans have shown their support One user said in a comment that garnered over 4000 mentions I like that”they are both beautiful”, while another said fans should stop comparing because “we are all beautiful and have our own blessings, so no need to be jealous of each other”

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Twitter erupts as Tommyinnit leaks Addison Rae in Dream SMP Minecraft server
TikTok Star Addison Rae Is Trending After Joining The Dream SMP Discord | @whoisaddison


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