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The Chinese probe was launched on 23 November from Hainan Island, as the Chinese probe was set to take samples of moon rocks in orbit by satellite after 112 flight hours.

The Chang’e space probe 5, responsible for returning lunar samples, reached lunar orbit on Saturday 28 November, according to the CNSA.

And full, the aircraft made two orbital corrections weighing more than eight tonnes and consisting of four parts, including an orbiter that will remain in lunar orbit, a lander that will land on its surface, as well as an ascension module and a capsule that will return to Earth

In good time, the probe and the ascension will separate from the remaining fragments and land on the visible face of the moon, near Mons Romker, a mountain range of more than 1000 meters high

At the end of this mission, which will last 23 days, the device should have collected approximately 2 kg of regolith. This is the first spacecraft in 44 years to be sent to collect moon rocks. In case of success, China will become the third country after the United States and the Soviet Union. To carry out such a task

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