For Developers, in particular, one of the biggest advantages of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is that it runs on Windows Cross-platform development has never been easier than running a real Linux machine in Windows 10 or Windows 11 with all the tools she opens

For these people, and more casual users like me, or maybe those who could use something easy to understand that demonstrates the power of this relationship, we have this

Windows Hello integration for WSL It's awesome, takes about two minutes to install and configure, and will make everyday life using WSL a bit more relaxed But it also shows why the Windows/WSL relationship is so powerful You're using a native Windows security feature to authenticate Linux That's crazy

I'm sure facial or fingerprint recognition like this is possible in Linux, there's so much to do after all But it's rare at best and I haven't come across it (mostly it seems to depend on the drivers for the hardware), and certainly not with this level of finish

Also looks like this is a feature developed by Microsoft, but it is not A member of the WSL community built this tool, hosted it on GitHub and shared it with the world

You can check the GitHub repository for more details, but you basically install the tool on your WSL distro inside Linux, and it creates the necessary bridge to Windows to integrate with Windows Hello

Anyone who has used Linux will know how many times you need to sudo authenticate, so being able to do it with your face or finger instead of a potentially complicated password will soon add real quality of life

The tool you need is called WSL Hello sudo, which captures exactly what you're going to do with it It's hosted on GitHub and installing it is a breeze All the info you need and more is on the GitHub repository, but i will break down the installation process

First of all, you'll need to open a terminal and be in a WSL distro or the Linux filesystem Whichever, if you have several, but you will need to install it separately on each one you plan to use with Windows Hello Fortunately, it doesn't take long You can download the package from the GitHub page, manually unzip it to the correct filesystem, then install it, or you can use these commands in terminal This is definitely the fastest way

From there, the tool will run the installation process and prompt you to interact with it as needed Run with all default options is fine, unless you really have a preferred directory to install the tools in But honestly, just hit the defaults and let it do its thing

Once the installation is complete, a restart of WSL is enough to see it in action Once you have entered your first sudo command and hit enter, instead of WSL asking you for your password, the Windows Hello dialog box will appear to verify your identity And so far, for me at least, he did not falter once

I don't understand exactly what he does to tie the two together, beyond that, it uses a pluggable authentication module (PAM) and copies a windows command line app to launch windows hello Literally something that could only be done on WSL, so this really shows the magic of these two operating systems working in harmony

Auto-config should be good enough for the most part, but as with most things on Linux, you can get into manual work if you want. The GitHub repository has all the pointers you'll need and the code to browse if, Unlike me, you understand such things

Not only does this highlight how great WSL can be when Linux and Windows are combined, but it is also a real improvement in the quality of life Security is excellent, but damn it, typing the same password over and over again, hour after hour, day after day, it sure does get tiresome It would be great if Microsoft contacted the developer of this tool and worked to integrate it natively into WSL

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