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The future belongs to M2 SSDs for your new console as well as your old slow PC. Discover our selection of the best models on the market to give your PC a boost

SSDs are more and more accessible today and have become essential in our computers. Today, it is very rare to find a computer without at least one hard drive for an operating system As this technology develops, there are many references on the market and it is easy to get lost

While SSDs were originally limited to the format 25 inches, the market now spends a lot on M2 format, more compact and easier to install as a small card that slides over the motherboard M SSDs2 generally have higher performance than their size counterparts 25 inches and they don't need any power or data cables as everything is supplied by the M2 connector

In this buying guide, you will find different references for all budgets and depending on your use and if you have questions about SSDs you will certainly find an answer at the bottom of this article, in our FAQs

A buying guide to help you design your own PC, and we will also redirect you to other guides:

If you have an unlimited budget and don't want to compromise on the M SSD2, you can turn to the Corsair MP600 without any potential hesitation, it is quite simply one of the fastest SSDs on the market. advantage of its PCIe compatibility 40 (motherboard) Motherboard compatible required)

It is equipped with TLC memory and is available in capacities of 500 Go, 1 To ou 2 To at an affordable price. Finally Corsair had the good idea to equip it with a somewhat imposing heat sink which guarantees efficient cooling capable of withstanding the most intense uses.

In terms of SSD, Samsung still offers very convincing models. The 970 EVO Plus is no exception, it offers excellent flow rates in all situations while being particularly tolerant. If you are looking for a versatile NVMe SSD with powerful performance, that's why choose the cause

These SSDs offer read speeds of 35 Gb / s and until 33 Gb / s for versions 1 To Due to its performance and Samsung's mastery of the segment, the prices of these models are slightly higher than those of their competitors

It has been an entry-level niche for several years now, we are therefore thinking in particular of the Crucial P1 M2 SSD which offered a convincing service at an attractive price The brand took this same recipe out of the closet to offer the all interesting and powerful NVMe Crucial P2 SSD.

Equipped with TLC memory and available in versions 250 Go, 500 Go, 1 To et 2 To, it offers read speeds of up to 24 Go / s and around 2 Go / s for writing And 2 To)

NVMe PNY XLR8 CS3030 SSDs provide a compelling and rugged alternative to classic Crucial P2 drives that also take advantage of TLC memory, they offer superior P2 performance for a slightly higher price

In terms of productivity, you will enjoy reading 3 ici5 Gbit / s and until 3 Gbit / s in writing so this reference is positioned as efficient and accessible and will therefore suit most needs

You are certainly familiar with hard drives, which have been used in our computers for several decades. If the latter is proven and offers more storage capacity than ever, it remains unfortunately limited in terms of performance. As a reminder, the latter works “mechanically” with high speed rotating platters which pass through the read heads / writing

SSDs use NAND, a type of flash memory that offers superior performance while generally being smaller than traditional hard drives SSDs (and M2 SSD) are actually large USB drives because they use the same type of memory as the last one

Relatively speaking, hard drives, at the same price, offer more storage space than SSDs and are more suitable than SSDs for long-term data storage and vice versa, SSDs are less durable, but more efficient than SSDs. OS and games, for example

So we generally recommend an SSD for the most demanding operating system and games and adding a hard drive, with more space to store documents, media and other data that you don't need to access very quickly

An M M SSD is installed, as indicated by his name, on connector M2 Thus, directly on the motherboard of your computer all modern cards are equipped with this connection and you just have to refer to the latest manual to check the presence of this port and its compatibility with the NVMe standard for optimal performance.

M SSD must be inserted sideways 2 in position, then add the screw to keep it flat

To install, just locate the M2 connector, remove the mounting screw and / or the potential heat sink, then fix the drive to the connector and fix it parallel to the board with the screw and / or the heat sink.If your card has such a device, do not forget to remove the protective plastic on the thermal paste usually located under the radiator

By browsing the SSD data sheets, you may have noticed that the type of flash memory used for each reference is specified. Currently there are 4 main types on different SSDs in the market which directly affect the performance of SSDs. This list is ranked among the most effective and durable (and the most expensive) to the less efficient and sustainable (and therefore the cheapest):

للتغلب على مشاكل أداء الذكريات الأقل تكلفة ، غالبًا ما يستخدم المصنعون ذاكرة تخزين مؤقت أكثر كفاءة وبالتالي ، في العمليات الصغيرة ، تتمتع محركات الأقراص ذات الحالة الثابتة المزودة بذاكرة تخزين مؤقت SLC (على سبيل المثال) بأداء لائق للغاية نناقش هذا قليلا في هذه the page

There are two main types of M2 SSD: Those who are SATA (AHCI Protocol) and those that are PCI Express compatible (NVMe). These two standards do not necessarily depend on communication, but they specify which bus the system uses to access the storage To put it simply, you need to understand that the SATA standard (ATA series) originally created for hard drives and other optical drives whose speeds were not the same as our SSDs

So, SATA is at its peak of version 3 at a speed of 600 Mo / s. You can use the most powerful SSD on the market, and it cannot exceed this speed if you use it in SATA. NVMe (non-volatile memory) is specially designed for flash memory drives and uses the most efficient PCI Express bus

Most M SSDs sold in the market are now NVMe sealed. Likewise, the vast majority of modern motherboards are compatible with these drives. Thanks to that, you will be able to achieve speeds of up to several GB / s

We talk a lot about M SSD2 speeds in these lines. This is certainly one of the most important features when choosing your new drive., but you should pay attention to the data provided by the manufacturers

In fact, these rates are often obtained under optimal conditions and several factors can affect performance We have seen that the type of memory used is important and this partly determines the performance of the disk QLC memory drives have started to hit the market in large numbers numbers and does not offer them Memory is functioning optimally This is the reason why manufacturers add a cache, whose size may vary depending on the model

This cache, made up of more efficient memory, will improve read and write speeds as long as it is not full This method will prove to be very effective for occasional and light accesses, but unfortunately it will not be sufficient when moving very large files which will lead to a significant drop in performance. Nothing prevents you from using the disk in such a way. “normal”

Another point to consider: Cooling This point joins the previous one where this behavior is likely to occur in the case of extremely intensive use of your disk as well as the processor, M SSD2 – the correct temperature must be maintained in order to function properly If the drive is not well cooled, its performance may deteriorate when performing transfers so large that the entire disk can stay at the correct temperature. You will also notice that on some motherboards, there are radiators in the M2 slots

When installing the M SSD2 and copying all your games and files to it, don't worry about not getting the bitrates shown in the box. this is “normal” and depends entirely on the technical characteristics of your SSD

Since a few months, 2 new PCIe compatible M SSDs 40 are currently on the market. 3rd Generation Ryzen processors with only a B550 or X570 compatible chipset. Using PCIe 40 enables these drives to achieve unprecedented performance at speeds . Until 5 Go / s

While these numbers are impressive on paper, they receive little attention in practice and can only be achieved under ideal conditions M drive SSD2 PCIe slot 4 However, the version 0 will offer better performance than PCIe 30 en If installed on a PCIe motherboard 30 so the purchase is not necessarily unnecessary if you plan to keep it for several years, while real uses evolve

For standard use, whether in the office or in games, PCI-Express drives 4 SSD0 are therefore of no real importance today, but some uses of specific applications could benefit in the future., don't expect file transfer to 5 Gb / s between two PCIe SSDs 40 nor with any other terminal because there is no connection except for Thunderbolt 3, in theory, it can't keep up with those high speeds

Technically speaking, you can install M SSD2 in the brand new PlayStation 5 because it has an easily accessible dedicated port, unfortunately Sony has so far disabled the disk space expansion feature through this connection

Sony, on the other hand, promised the feature would arrive later via a system update Pending, it is recommended not to purchase an M SSD2 controller until Sony can communicate in more detail the specifications that M SSD2 drives must meet to be compatible with the device.

Compared to a conventional hard drive, an SSD will not give you real performance gains, so don't expect a massive increase in the number of frames per second in your favorite games. The processor and graphics card are more important here and will have a real impact on performance

” flexible “

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