This hasn't happened for a long time on Pokémon GO: 3 Legendary Pokémon will be available simultaneously in level raids 5! And good legendary Pokémon! It’s neither more nor less than the fifth generation of the trio, the “Blades of Justice”: cobaltium, terracium et fridium. All three legendary quadcars are available in their shiny version, until Tuesday 24 November. This is the demand of the people?

Cobaltium is not a particularly powerful Pokémon, it is rarely used in combat but it is rare, beautiful and maybe shiny These criteria are more than enough for many people!

It was relatively easy to beat Cobaltium when it first appeared in the game in 2019 With the arrival of Mega-Evolutions, killing the duo Cobaltium is now becoming a formality, you can add Pokémon like Mega Charizard, Mega Demolossus, Reshiram, Lucario or Bétochef to List of the best meters for 2019

Terrakium is a beast of strength It’s by far the best Pokémon of the trio It’s a great fighting genre and especially an excellent kind Roch (second best player in the game after Sharkos) Beau, rare, helpful, powerful: Terrakium vit

Terrakium may be very powerful, but it is not powerful enough to contain level players 40 armed with the best possible Pokemon v Supreme scorers, Fires, does not change but today it is possible to add Pokémon such as Mega-Tortank, Mega Florizarre, Bétochef or Dialga on our list for 2019

Viridium is bad enough. He's so bad at raiding and can hardly be used in Hyper League with the Leafblade attack. Difficult to get past Terrakium!

Like his companions mentioned above, it's relatively easy to beat Viridium in a duet if you're at level 40. Our first guide didn't come with enough negatives, because we chose Creme de la Creme then today, you can add Méga-Roucarnage, a new best against Mega Charizard Y, Étouraptor, Boréas or even Gueriaigle

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Cobalion, Pokémon GO, Virizion and Terrakion

News – WITH – Pokémon GO, Blades of Justice: How to conquer cobaltium, terracium and viridium and capture it during raids?


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