The platypus is definitely a very special animal and hasn't revealed all of its secrets after the mammals that bleach, and the platypus would have fluorescent fur in fact, according to a study published by Mammalia, spotted by National Geographic, it emits a greenish blue glow when exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV)

Although this discovery makes the platypus more distinctive, bioremediation has already been observed in other species and thus, some sea turtle or mushroom shells have the property of absorbing light at a certain wavelength (a certain color for it) for Other wavelength (color other than the original) this bioluminescence will allow this species to camouflage itself or to communicate between several samples within the same species

In the case of the platypus, its bioluminescence has not yet been explained to Paula Anich, one of the study's authors. This characteristic of the platypus will not be used for communication because they are nocturnal animals that swim with their eyes closed. Rather, she thinks it might help them avoid certain predators, which is a little camouflaged but it is also possible that biofluorination does not have a specific function, a trait that is maintained as the species evolves.

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Platypus, mammal

News – FR – The platypus is said to be one of the few mammals with fluorescent fur


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