Comme beaucoup de gens, j’aimerais posséder un jour une PS5 ou une Xbox Series X Bien sûr, il est impossible de dire quand j’en aurai la chance, seeing that these damn machines are out of stock in a few milliseconds But my only comfort is that Gran Turismo 7 and the new Forza Motorsport still have no release dates So why rush?

However, those who have paid close attention know that Sony has been working hard to try and generate some hype for GT7 lately.. Here (nov. 18), Sony has taken over the Oxford Circus stops on the London Underground with the PlayStation brand, in anticipation of the PS5 launch today It's a little smart about the connections between brands, as Sony used to sell magazines and demo discs under the PlayStation Underground banner back in the years 90, but I digress

What is relevant here, in addition to these entrances to Oxford Circus, Sony requisitioned platforms around London and renamed them under the theme of PS5 exclusives, reports The Verge Londoners visiting Seven Sisters station, for example, will now notice that it has been dubbed the Gran Turismo station 7 Sisters, with the art of a Porsche 917 of the game stuck on its walls. The names of the stations will only be valid 48 hours, but the visual brand will remain in place until mid-December

Normally, I wouldn't mind frivolous PR stunts like this, especially when London and indeed all of England are back in lockdown; it's hard to imagine a lot of people using the tube in the first place But while Polyphony Digital, the studio working on GT7, has offered radio silence on the track's whereabouts since its first announcement in June, Sony leaves subtle clues about its ETA in various places.

PS5 trailer posted to YouTube in November 9 says in fine print that GT7 is «planned for the first half of 2021», alongside Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal And a clip uploaded to Gran Turismo's official Facebook page in late October carried the track with it «Coming Soon”

I want to believe that GT7 will be there next spring, really But history is not on our side, because Polyphony Digital has a habit of missing release dates Gran Turismo Sport has been delayed by more than a year, from its initial end window 2016 to november 2017 Almost all of the franchise's entries have been late, with the exception of Gran Turismo 6, who actually hit their December target 2013. Great tourism 5 has been teased throughout 2009, but only appeared at the end of 2010 (In fact, if you want to feel old, next week will mark GT5's 10th anniversary)

There is reason to be optimistic, However, the GT7 launch trailer showed smooth gameplay and, dare I say, ready for release, aligned with a very sophisticated career mode, which means that the game was already quite advanced since last summer The images we have seen so far also look graphically like GT Sport, which indicates that Polyphony is transferring many strengths and physical technologies to the next episode, presumably boosting it with the extra power of the PS5. This could translate into an accelerated development cycle, at least compared to previous iterations

And yet, even as the development team hammers GT7, Polyphony found time to update GT Sport again last week by adding the GR Yaris to the game's repertoire. Toyota is a Gran Turismo brand partner, having sponsored the e-sport program of the FIA ​​series ​​Gran Turismo Championship as well as the GR Supra GT Cup Gran Turismo is also one of the few game series that Toyota seems ready to allow its road cars.

Given the visual similarities between GT Sport and GT7, the random update of the new car and the constant teasing from Sony, I'm cautiously optimistic that GT7 is actually closer than cynics think Next week, Polyphony to organize its first FIA GT Championship events since February, with the world final scheduled for December In recent years, studio has linked trailer drops and new information to its esports gatherings, so there is a good chance that we may have a better answer as to when GT7 arrives before the end of 2020.

Sony taught me a long time ago to never buy their game system until Gran Turismo was released But the campaign mode of the below average PS4 version taught me another lesson.: wait for the reviews If I had known, I probably would never have bought a PS4 since I still spend most of my time on both PS3 versions

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News – FR – OK Sony, when does Gran Turismo 7 actually happens?
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