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In theory, une brosse à dents est une chose assez simpleen particulier une brosse manuelle Dans la pratique, however, il y a des tonnes de facteurs à prendre en compte lors de l’achat de la meilleure brosse à dents manuelle Afin de trouver l’ajustement idéal pour vous et vos dents, you will want to consider the bristle design and reviews from critics.

Let's start with the hairs, because this is arguably the most important part of a manual toothbrush Different brands use different models in order to achieve the most complete cleaning; for example, some may tilt their bristles or use varying lengths and materials however, stiffness of bristles is more likely to impact your daily experience While medium bristles are effective in removing plaque and food residue, American Dental Association recommends softer bristles to prevent damage to gums and enamel.

That said, whether the brand descriptions are useful, feedback from critics is invaluable Considering you can't exactly try a toothbrush first, check the ratings and reviews to see what past buyers think about texture and effectiveness. These six toothbrushes have a wide variety of bristle designs to meet all different dental needs, but they have one thing in common: real customers have given them many rave reviews.

If you are looking for quality, value and a well-balanced cleanliness, Oral-B Pro Health toothbrushes are the solution In fact, they have more than 4500 review and an almost perfect rating of 48 stars in total Using their rounded and angled hairs, they eliminate until 99% dental plaque on the teeth and, compared to a standard manual toothbrush, provide better cleaning of 55% along the gum line, according to the brand. However, despite their effectiveness, the bristles are soft and soft to prevent damage Each brush also has a comfortable grip and a built-in cleanser for the tongue and cheeks on the back of the head

A reviewer wrote: “What an absolute and instant improvement I felt when I switched to this toothbrush These are great for removing plaque, leaving my teeth smooth and smooth when I'm done The bristles are firm, but soft enough not to hurt your gums while brushing”

You look for value while doing a deep clean? Oral-B delivers with Indicator brand toothbrushes, who (thanks to the lower price 10 $ for a pack of four) break down at just over a dollar each Bristles are not as advanced as other manual toothbrushes, but they still reach between the teeth and along the gums with their deep cleaning tips and different lengths of bristles that have a wave-shaped pattern They even have ergonomic and comfortable handles, and the hairs change color when it's time to change

A reviewer wrote: “These are good toothbrushes at a good price The bristles include a few rows of blue indicator bristles that turn white when the brush needs replacing”

Toothbrush 360 ° Advanced Optic White from Colgate is specially designed for teeth whitening It has several features in place to brighten up your smile, including spiral-shaped polishing bristles (of different lengths and densities) to remove stains and a bristle tip that reaches deep between the teeth This brush also has a highly textured tongue cleaner, a soft, padded handle and ergonomic thumb pad for better grip

A reviewer wrote: “I occasionally use whitening strips, but i find my teeth hurt after a while, so I decided to cut that down and just use a toothbrush which would help whiten. I have been using this brand for some time, so I know this is a product that really works! “

Those with sensitive teeth or gums know that the toothbrush “sweet” average is not always gentle enough to avoid discomfort Fortunately, these Nimbus toothbrushes are very soft because they are made with micro-fine materials Nevertheless, they are able to clean hard-to-reach areas and remove dental plaque, as they alternate between conical hairs at one end and short rounded hairs. They are also tested by dentists and designed for comfort and resistance to deterioration.

A reviewer wrote: “Finally a really soft toothbrush I have oral lichen planus (autoimmune disease affecting oral tissue) Tried all the super soft and baby toothbrushes and threw them away This one is really, really different I can finally brush my teeth painlessly and without scratching my gums”

Manual toothbrushes are cheap and efficient, but they are also made from synthetic materials which are commonly found in landfills. If you are concerned about the health of the environment, go for these toothbrushes from Nuduko They are eco-friendly and biodegradable as they are made from bamboo and are packaged in cardboard Nylon bristles are soft, BPA free and effective at removing plaque Last but not least, they are delivered in an economical packaging of 10 – half white and half black for identification purposes However, the hairs are flat, so you might not get the most thorough cleaning possible

A reviewer wrote: “They work just as well as any other toothbrush we've used, so no complaints. The real selling point on these [] is that they are handled in bamboo, which makes them biodegradable and releases much less plastic into the environment”

Finally, for those who need to clean around orthodontic equipment, you have these toothbrushes from Y-Kelin Unlike your standard brush, that frayed and failed to reach around the braces, these have a smaller head and special V-shaped hairs (inclined to 45 degrees) that rub without snagging or catching Each order comes with four different colors, as well as tiny bristle brushes to remove trapped food

A reviewer wrote: “Little head, which is good for me Gets better than the standard toothbrush under the hooks The bristle brush is an added bonus! All at a great price! “

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