Un astrophysicien de l’Université de Bologne et un neurochirurgien de l’Université de Vérone ont comparé le réseau de neurones dans le cerveau humain avec le réseau cosmique de galaxies et ont remarqué des similitudes surprenantes

L’analyse quantitative effectuée par deux scientifiques, à mi-chemin entre la neurochirurgie et la cosmologie, indique que les réseaux cosmiques et neuronaux présentent des niveaux similaires de complexité et d’autorégulation, malgré la différence de taille entre eux. Firstly, there is a human mind that functions through a vast network. On the 69 billion neurons on the other hand, the observable universe consists of at least 100 billion galaxies in one system as in the other, only 30% of its mass consists of galaxies or neurons in the human brain as in the universe, galaxies and neurons themselves are organized. In long chains and knots, but the comparison doesn't stop there. In both networks, 70% mass or energy consists of a substance which apparently plays a role “negative”: water in the brain and dark energy in the visible universe, according to researchers.

From these common properties, the two scientists studied the distribution of fluctuations in matter at such opposite scales. To do this, they compared simulations of a network of galaxies with sections of the cortex and cerebellum.

“We calculated the spectral density of the two systems. It is a technique often used in cosmology to study the spatial distribution of galaxies”, as described by astrophysicist Franco Faza. “Our analysis showed that the distribution of oscillations within the neural network of the cerebellum is on a scale of 1 μm to 01 millimeter follows the same progress as the distribution of matter in the cosmic web, but of course on a larger scale ranging from 5 million to 500 million light years.

These two networks are more similar to each other than the cosmic network and the galaxy., or more than the neural network and the internal part of the nervous body

The researchers also calculated the average number of connections per node within the cosmic and neural network..

Here again, “structural parameters have identified unexpected levels of agreement. Communication within the two networks can evolve according to similar physical principles, despite the striking and distinct difference between the physical forces that regulate galaxies and neurons”, explains neurosurgeon Alberto. Nets

Researchers are convinced: new analytical techniques combining cosmology and neurosurgery will provide a better understanding of the dynamics of temporal evolution of these two systems

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The universe, human brain, neurons

News – FR – The universe and the human brain: their structures are very similar

Source: https://www.science-et-vie.com/ciel-et-espace/univers-et-cerveau-humain-leur-structure-est-tres-similaire-60176

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