Major leak claims to have data indicating when next Nintendo Direct will take place, what to expect in terms of gaming, and the Revelation of the Last Fighter Smash Ultimate DLC

Nintendo last hosted a Direct at E3 and wrapped it up with a new release window and trailer for the highly anticipated next entry in The Legend of Zelda series featuring Breath of the Wild 2

Since then, fans are wondering when the next Direct will take place and if the leaker's information is correct, fans won't have long to wait.

Selon Samus Hunter, Nintendo's next Direct presentation will take place in September 2021, and there will be a lot going on in the form of new upcoming games and old ones with continuing content

in fact I still have nothing in hand, it's too early, but by crossing some data I can tell you things that I see very likely The focus game will surely be Metroid Dread, while Advance Wars and Mario Party will have sections dedicated to some new features

While Hunter says the list of games may change, there are some games that they are more confident about based on the data currently in their possession

To begin, Metroid Dread will be of great importance at Direct Advance Wars and Mario Party, however, will have sections dedicated to new features

Animal Crossing New Horizons updates are also in the works and could be seen at Direct with some DLC close-ups for Smash and a new Zelda Hyrule Warriors story.

With Smash Ultimate, The Last Fighter DLC is due out no later than December 2021, so a revelation in September wouldn't be out of the question That said, given that Smash DLC's announcements at the Game Awards were so well received, it seems strange not to wait

If there is a reveal in September and a DLC release shortly thereafter, this can bode very well for the supposed extra fighter down the line

Of course, Sakurai made it clear that the last character in the Fighters Pass Volume 2 will be the last, but never exclude anything until we have seen it for ourselves.

However, they haven't discussed who will be the next fighter, so we will have to wait for more information there

If the plans for Splatoon 3 do not change, the commercialization of the title should begin around this time I doubt the timeliness of the sequel to Zelda BotW, apart from a small notice that we will see it in a few months as new announcements, a Kirby project is very likely

Elsewhere, Samus Hunter claimed that Capcom “must reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch” They added in the comments that this would be a brand new title., so this is something big RE fans should be looking for.

They added that Bayonetta 3 will be in a position similar to “a title developed by Nintendo, Monolith is at a very good point with their project, since a few months have finalized the cutscenes and the last few weeks have worked on much of the music, so the project enters the final stages”

Moreover, the leaker also suspects that if a Microsoft-Nintendo collaboration rumor for something were to happen, this Direct would be the best place

Bayonetta 3, that I already mentioned, should also be in a similar situation There are also other titles in progress, but these are foreseen in a generic 2022 or later I repeat, for the time being, new listings are my guess from some of the data in my possession…

Despite the new DLC from Hyrule Warriors, les choses concernant Breath of the Wild 2 will be a little quieter for now

“I doubt the news on the sequel to Zelda BotW, apart from a small notice that we will see it in a few months”, they explained

This would make sense because the title is still quite a ways away and Nintendo has other games that it probably wants to focus on by then.

Like always, take this information with a grain of salt, but if they turn out to be true, this could very well be an extremely important flow to follow.

Nintendo, Metroid Dread, Super Smash Bros

News – FR – Leaker reveals next Nintendo Direct date, Smash Ultimate and Zelda DLC


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