Despite its serious medieval traps, Chivalry matches 2 can become quite slapstick-y thanks to the game allowing players to use everything at their disposal to take down opponents Concrete example, this recent Reddit post showing a creative Chivalry player 2 scoring two consecutive eliminations with a weapon made of whole grain rather than iron or steel

“You can't escape the bread boy”, wrote JackAttack1291, who shared his success on several subreddits “I had two consecutive kills using bread on Chivalry 2, and i'm so proud of the second kill!”

The images are quite incredible After meeting two knights in armor engaged in a sword fight, JackAttack1291 comically looks to his left and grabs a loaf of bread from a nearby table He then rushes at the fighters and manages to make one with the roll

The other, maybe scared to suffer the same yeast fate, runs away, giving JackAttack1291 the chance to collect his bread and test his throwing arm The sight of the bread in an arc on the battlefield, her speed apparently so powerful that it leaves a trail in the air before harassing the retreating soldier right in the dome, will never stop being funny

Chivalry developers 2 Certainly had this kind of bread-based shenanigans in mind when creating the game ahead of launch earlier this month., Creative director Steve Piggott told Shacknews that Chivalry 2 was meant to evoke the feeling of a bar fight, or all of it, chickens leading a dead enemy, can be used as a weapon. There is even a success, aptly titled « Baker’s Dozen », which rewards players for killing 13 enemies with bread

As for JackAttack1291, he has since garnered a ton of attention for his pasty feat, although some called him for interrupting a duel with the first kill Hitting people with bread is good in medieval fights, apparently, you just can't blind them in the process anyway, he doesn't seem bothered by reviews, explaining that “it's so satisfying when you get someone with random items” in a follow-up comment

Good luck, JackAttack1291 Let this be the first of many flour-based assassinations in your career Chivalry 2

I don't approve of such lousy behavior here, people try to have a noble duel and a third person hangs out until he can topple an unsuspecting victim

Such behavior goes completely against the grain It is clear that he is just a thug and barely knows the chivalrous nature of the Upper Crust I bet he thinks he has the wind in his sails, but he will find out that any plans to try again will soon fade away People will decide they want naan from him and his encrusted ways and gang up on him and then he will be toast He butter beware

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News – FR – Chivalry 2 Player only needs bread to kill
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The Chivalry player 2 only needs bread to kill
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The Chivalry player 2 gets two kills with a loaf of bread


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