Before playing Sue Storm in Fantastic Four (2015), five years ago, Kate Mara had already passed her © World of Superheroes thanks to an appearance in Iron Man 2 (2010) as an American Marshal despite his character No longer paying, the actress now confirms that at some point, she was seen playing a bigger role in the MCU

In an exclusive interview with Collider, Kate Mara was asked about her small role in the second Iron Man movie in particular. The actor revealed the production is no longer part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they told him about the chances of his role being much bigger. In the Marvel Studios storyline at the end, it was a fleeting but good experience with John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr.

«I met John Favreau for that and they said:« It’s a very, very small role, but it's with Robert Downey Jr. And John, and it will be a lot of fun and they often bring these characters back in bigger and more substantial roles. You spend an afternoon working with Robert Downey Jr. and John Favreau? Very well, love you both they are amazing It will be a good experience and that is exactly what it ended up being but it was really fun and we were filming until about four in the morning but yes it is a weird cover-up that didn't turn into nothing but I don't care

The scene in question takes place at the start of Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark and Happy Hogan leave an exhibition / event and suddenly meet the American Marshal (Kate Mara), who is expected by the playboy car, Luxury philanthropist and millionaire Tony Stark immediately begins courtship, but realizes that she is She was just waiting for him to deliver a summons After this moment, we haven't seen the US Marshal in the MCU again

Speaking of the Fantastic Four, Kate Mara also opened up about her involvement with Josh Trank and practically admitted it was a “horrible experience” Click here for the full note

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News – FR – The cameo of Kate Mara in Iron Man 2 maybe returned to the MCU – Marseille News Network


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