In a quieter corner of E3 2021 was today's Wholesome Direct, a showcase of the coolest games, the happiest and most inspiring of the moment

Submitted by Wholesome Games, a collective of independent game developers, Wholesome Direct is a presentation of games chosen for their « feeling of comfort, of compassion and friendliness” Don't expect to find overly violent or thematically dark games here instead., the Wholesome Direct showcased a collection of games that encourage good vibes and self-care

Are you comfortable? You have your water and your blanket ? Next, let's take a look at some of the best and most interesting games on Wholesome Direct There were over 70 games featured at today's Wholesome Direct (and you can watch it here), but here are a few that really excite me

Presented as a « farm cat business simulator», Snacko is a game about two cute kittens who build their new home from catnip.

Spirit Swap is a colorful queer dating simulation puzzle game, full of « lofi rhythms to match 3 at”

Kotaku is already excited about SkateBIRD Today, the director of SkateBIRD, Megan Fox, gave an overview of some of the cool customization options she's added to make SkateBIRD accessible to all kinds of players at all skill and ability levels.

We Are OFK is an interactive story about the formation of indie pop group OFK They hosted a special concert at the end of E3's Day of the Devs showcase on Thursday.I'm always ready to check out any game that has a character wearing a shirt «Black Trans Lives Matter»

I am a fan of games with unique and complex artistic styles In the Dordogne, a new game from the French developer (with the most French name possible) A JE-NE-SAIS-QUOI, you play in a world of lush hand painted watercolors He looks so beautiful

Paralives is a perfect house building simulation game for Pinterest addicts (unkune me) You can build the house of your dreams, customize it and then fill it with people whose lives you can shape and manage the Sims way

In Moonglow Bay, the way to a friend's heart is through their stomach Today, we got to see how the Moonglow Bay Friendship Creation Mechanic works by telling your friends, you learn their favorite foods, which you can then fish and fry, deepening your relationship and unlocking new paths of history

Pupperazzi seeks to answer a question that should be asked often and always: what if we lived in a world of dogs and spent our days photographing them? The answer is Pupperazzi, one of my most anticipated Wholesome Direct games I can't wait

This is just a taste of all the sweet games featured during Wholesome Direct Visit the Wholesome Games website if you are hungry for more cat cafe management sims, from Donut Frosting Factory Builders or Frog Warrior RPGs

Kotaku Staff Writer and Hornt Correspondent – Fanfiction novelist – A shameless black – Gelatinous Cube of Diversity

My eyes are on Dordogne, Amber Isle (sim shop with dinos), Bear & Breakfast (b&b sim), Button City (arcade games), Dreamland Confectionery (craft / exploration?), Garden Story (LoZ but like a grape ?), Witchery Academy (Story of Seasons but as a witch)

I also deleted a few from my list « to monitor», because the more complete trailers are not really my cup of tea But so many cozy games ! Glad I only have a Switch so I had a limited list to check out

Independent play, 2021

News – US – The most comfortable showcase in the E3 2021 nowadays


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