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Behind COVID, unprecedented change emerges thanks to Right from the start, everything seems to mix and contradict each other, and stay in the fog, and this is proof that the world is on the verge of change, who can no longer wait for major decisions to be taken for Europe and the planet. Ratifications are of great importance and fundamental changes. Listening to the speech of the Bolivian vice-president who dared to testify to freedom, at the call of Mother Earth We tell ourselves that there are men in power, who are not here to get more, always towards more profit, while we watch documentaries, testimonials, movies, and advocate-backed groups form to speak out against child and human rights abuses, but this is not the war that these gatherings of all sects call, but respect And the call to live with healthy values ​​and healthy lands

That's it, Mars is no longer retrograde on this new moon in Scorpio against Uranus in Taurus and it is rushed! This new moon will set the tone for the reboot to freedom and the howls of SOS to save the Earth Do we know the virus does not die but mutates? COVID comes to test our immune field while it is tested according to the terrain, he may or may not operate a dungeon that would do anything to show his strength and if we lack strength, the virus will prove that what makes our cells keep their identity and do not let themselves be occupied? It’s our own life force, and our ability to be completely subordinate to ourselves, it is your immune field that is a whole, not just a part of us is an area that forces us to live in our unity to be as complete as possible, and be free in our lives

And here we are in this new moon of Scorpio, sign of the inner strength which is able to pass trials and rise thanks to its planets Mars and Pluto. Astronomical cycles tell us that mankind has reached a crisis that is still ongoing, and that like any crisis, in the end she longs to find peace, And live differently from the system that caused this crisis As for the crisis, Scorpios know it all, thanks to its ability to use it positively.

So this new moon is falling steeply, as Scorpio Mars from Scorpio joins Mars from Aries, very directly now it will increase its speed, and will make you want to take legal action and fight for your rights Jupiter in the box hears Cause from the heart? It would be good, because it is urgent, and not just in emergency situations. Europe will vote its budget and basic proposals for the next seven years (the cycle of Saturn) and this before changing the sign of the important conjunction with Europe (Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degree of Aquarius at the end of December 2020). In him, as a builder of wisdom for the common good, Aquarius is a sign of hope, so let's hope that Jupiter and Saturn follow the hope of the people

The new moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio tells us about its rebirth from its ashes, like the phoenix, but what will be reborn will depend on each one and Uranus in Taurus in this formation can bring good or bad surprises at the end of this year, And it will depend on the seeds of intentions raised in this new moon. From this moon, our life will speed up and speed up. First, we stick to the seat and feel the pressure. There is a need for rapid progress because yes, there is an emergency in the health situation in the world, linked to its countries, and itself is linked to our interior countries, our small countries in the world Our planet also needs to be revitalized, because the human virus trapped in blind power is making waves more deadly than the epidemic. 57 million people die each year, how many absurdities in our lifestyle? So yes, there is a need for resuscitation and oxygen and for all emergencies in the world behind COVID, there are millions of deaths that can be saved from violence, misery, poverty and heart disease (cardiovascular illnesses), which is the main cause of death in this world, which shows that the heart is no longer There is a

We give ourselves the means, large and small countries, large countries and small countries. We have a lot to learn from each other and we stick to each other, not just coughing. There really is a crisis, the risk of a heart attack, a disappointment in the heart. Ironically, despite the acceleration, Things don't seem to be moving, and we are in a crisis, but it will be short lived Changes hitherto invisible, like what happens underground in winter humus, working full time to prepare for history 2021, and even for 2020

Waiting, welcome the buyer side of the Neptune sextile, who invites us to follow our intuitive and benevolent instructions, to follow the path of the loving heart, loving enough to attract answers to all needs and change that question for us. So let's take advantage of our confinement to discover the secret deep in our hearts and find peace. Was, and a deep desire that 2021 be a happy new year, so that the desire for charity and charity is realized everywhere in the world. Let's start by laying the seeds of courage, patience and clarity in the humus of this new moon

Hope our hearts will hear the big decisions that will follow, we will talk about it again

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New Moon

News – FR – The new moon of 15 November 2020 in Scorpio: a call to rebirth
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New moon on 15 November 2020 in Scorpio: a call to rebirth
November new moon 2020: Dark skies pave the way for meteors, planets and star clusters
– <a href="/?s= Vous pouvez voir chaque planète de notre système solaire cette semaine "pouvez voir chaque planète de notre système solaire cette semaine

Source: https://www.femininbio.com/voyages-loisirs/actualites-nouveautes/nouvelle-lune-15-novembre-2020-en-scorpion-invitation-a-renaitre-101293

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