The standard T50 is supposed to be the best supercar on the road The T50 Niki Lauda aims to be the best car for the track in history

If you name your car after the great Formula One Niki Lauda 1, it is better to be good luckily, if there is a company that probably deserves to build such a car, c’est Gordon Murray Automotive, the company responsible for bringing the McLaren F1-inspired T50 to life. Without delay, here is the GMA T50 Niki Lauda, ​​supposed to be the pinnacle for a track car

GMA and its manager, Professor Gordon Murray – Yes, this Murray from the iconic McLaren F1 program – revealed Monday the T50 Niki Lauda, ​​which also happens to be the late Lauda's birthday. He would have had 72 years The T50 is a fitting tribute to the F1 legend, but unlike Murray's work on the McLaren F1 and F1 GTR programs, where the latter was based on the former, the T50s came to life alongside the standard T50.

“For the T50, our goal was clear, make the best driver car for the road”, Murray said in a statement. “With the Niki Lauda T50, it was just as clear, make this car the best driver's car for the track”

The same lucid way of thinking of the professor shows in the T50s as it does in the T50 When we saw the T50 last year, it wasn't about chasing a top speed record or anything like that. Instead of that, Its 3 Cosworth V12 engine 9 liters develops 654 horses and 344 pound-feet of torque, which is more than enough to move the 2174 pounds of mass This is a driver's car, more about the connection than anything else For T50s, Murray explained that there had never been an emphasis on building a lap record holder with wild bodywork to accommodate huge tires..

“Instead of that, I set a few parameters to create the car and the ultimate driver experience on the track: a central driving position, a V12 just behind your ear spinning over 12 000 tr / min, producing more than 700 horsepower and with an even faster response time than the T50 », Murray said about the T50 program If you got that, the power reached 700 ch compared to 654 in the T50, and the company said that this runway superstar weighs less than 1984 books. In one way or another, GMA has found a way to at least shave 190 pounds of the already tricky T50 And although the 3The V12 of 9 liters remain for the T50, GMA said it was a distinctly different beast With revised cylinder heads, camshafts and a compression ratio of 15: 1, Murray and his team sweat the details

What you won't get, this is a manual transmission Instead, an Xtrac IGS six-speed paddle gearbox (Instantaneous Gearshift) tailor-made handles work. Do not be afraid, however, scrolling through the gears will help you achieve an estimated maximum speed of 210 mph Brembo ceramic carbon disc brakes are then able to produce 35 G to stop you

Basically, like the T50, the T50 starts life on the basis of an ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque, but after that, it shares absolutely no body panels with the original T50 supercar It's amazing how the car looks the same, But ultimately, be something completely different Most notable is the large center fin, which features a Niki Lauda logo, ​​the large front divider, a new delta rear wing and a giant rear diffuser. GMA has worked to keep the design pure, but also wanted to accentuate its track prowess It certainly has nothing to do with certain supercars adorned with gills and cutouts in the name of drag coefficients and aero Most of it comes from the fact that the T50s share a fan of 'about 16 thumbs back. Fan helps move air where it needs to go, which frees up the exterior design to retain more classic and timeless looks The runway only version also gets a cheeky nod to fan history in supercars with a script “fan car” in back

Inside, if you thought the T50 was simple, the T50 Niki Lauda goes further A single digital screen welcomes the driver after entering the doors of the dihedral A fully-fledged racing seat, with a six point harness, becomes the driver's desk and a rectangular carbon fiber steering wheel is ready for entry And the on-screen display only shows the most critical information Ditto for any button or switch to the right of the driver on a sign Pictures speak better of simplicity than my words ever could, but it remains a beautiful and defined space for the driver

While GMA plans to build 100 supercars T50, he only plans 25 tracked machines Niki Lauda T50 The company did not provide a price, but it is fair to imagine that each will cost more than 3 $08 million in price the standard T50 carries Like its sibling on the road, customers will have every chance to choose colors and liveries and receive expert factory configuration. And with the TNiki Lauda of the years 50, Professor Fulfills Promise to Fully Build Spiritual F1 Successors

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News – GB – Gordon Murray Automotive T50s Niki Lauda Honors 2 types of F1 greats
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Gordon Murray Automotive T50s Niki Lauda honore 2 kinds of F1 greats
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