On the occasion of Mario's 35th birthday, Nintendo buys a unique item: a mini portable console that recreates a sensation & to the base game & Watch

You certainly remember the Game & Watch, handheld mini-consoles that only let you play one Octopus and Donkey Kong Junior game made this GameBoy predecessor famous, but not less than 59 different games have been published in this format.

To properly celebrate Mario's 35th birthday, Nintendo gives us a complete review of the game & – an extension that is offered to us in a limited edition and mainly intended for collectors

Since we are not going to hide it from you, it is very clear that it is a gross delusion that the average consumer does not really like to invest in this strange extension, which only allows you to play 3 games: Mario and Super Mario: The Lost Levels and Balls


With this new game & Watch, Nintendo plays with nostalgic fibers, by introducing a controller that practically reproduces the design of & Watch Game of the Time Excellent & Feeling In front of the console, we find the omnidirectional reticle and the A buttons, B and three Buttons provide access to several functions: select game settings, clock and sound Screen brightness a side button «market / stop» allows him to turn the microcontroller on and off with the touch of a finger

Of course, the small nomadic console has been updated, the screen is backlit, the device is charged via the USB-C connector, the LCD has given way to the LCD screen which no longer displays from the pre-printed images when turned off. It loses some of its charm, but the update It was a necessity for the younger generations, and we are not going to hide it from you – recharging your console is always more convenient than recharging your console Changing the batteries

However, & Watch Game 2020 remains very true to the heart of the series.The button configuration is virtually identical, the measurements are the same and & feels very clearly that he remembers the reactions of the years 1980. Nintendo also did a very good job finishing a product that replicates the experience & Watch. Honestly, while you are much harder once you have it on hand

In terms of games, it's pretty clear that this is the first Super Mario Bros game that's supposed to keep you a bit more busy, if you are still subject to the old Following in Mario Bros’s Footsteps license spelling 2, “The Balls”, the witchcraft game, ends with what turns out to be a relatively interesting mini-game

The first two games are delivered to us in an original SNES version, with music from this era, but there is a new infinite mode that will allow beginners to avoid time constraints in the levels because here, there is no backup in case of failure, the game ends and you return to the starting point

The suggestion is therefore very light, considering the price (45 ?? ¬) as we defined it above, the game & Watch Super Mario Bros is not intended for the general public, unlike the NES and SNES Mini, but rather to nostalgic collectors, who are Price is very important to them Very little The nostalgic trip will convince “old men” Younger players may be a little less …

Super Mario Maker, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Game & Watch series

News – FR – Game & Watch: A nostalgic tribute to GameBoy's predecessor – Geeko

Source: https://geeko.lesoir.be/2020/11/26/game-watch-un-hommage-plein-de-nostalgie-a-lancetre-du-gameboy/

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