Les astronomes ont effectué un incroyable test d’observation pour un radiotélescope sur Terre Ils ont utilisé un nouveau système radar pour capturer de magnifiques images haute résolution de l’espace proche de la Terre La cible: the Apollo landing site 15 on the moon

The Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia was fitted with a new bespoke radio wave transmitter In November, researchers sent signals to the moon as part of a proof of concept test What they recovered is an incredible image The Hadley region on the near side of the moon is visible with a resolution of 5 meters (164 feet)

In particular, image shows Hadley C crater, which does 6 kilometers (37 miles) through, and the winding Hadley Rille, a narrow depression that extends over 130 kilometers (80 miles) with an average width of 12 kilometers (075 miles) and a few hundred meters deep It is believed to have been an ancient lava tube, that collapsed for billions of years

The observations provided some of the best views of the region ever taken from Earth, une réalisation phénoménale pour Green Bank Observatory (GBO), National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) et Raytheon Intelligence & Space who conducted the experiment

«This project opens up a whole new range of capabilities for NRAO and GBO», Tony Beasley, Director of NRAO and Vice President of Radio Astronomy at Associated Universities, Inc said in a statement «We have already participated in major radar studies on the solar system, but transforming the GBT into a steerable planetary radar transmitter will greatly expand our ability to pursue intriguing new lines of research.”

It works by radar signals emitted by the Green Bank Telescope hitting the surface of any object under study, in that case, the Apollo landing site 15 on the Moon They then reflect and are observed by telescopes that are part of the Very Long Baseline Array, an extensive network from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the continental United States, and to Hawaii.

L’incroyable test est la réalisation d’un effort de deux ans pour créer un tel radar, mais ce n’est aussi actuellement qu’une preuve de concept Les chercheurs voient l’émetteur actuel comme un tremplin pour concevoir quelque chose de plus puissant Quelque chose qui peut être utilisé pour étudier bien au-delà de la Lune

“Planned system will be a leap forward in radar science, allowing access to new features of the solar system from here on Earth”, explique Karen O’Neil, GBO site manager

The new transmitter is expected to be able to capture and provide detailed observations of small objects passing close to Earth as well as moons or other planets in the solar system.. If the finalized plan comes to fruition, radar signals could allow us to study objects as far as Neptune's orbit from Earth

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News – FR – This incredibly detailed image of the Moon's surface was taken from Earth

Source: https://www.iflscience.com/space/this-incredibley-detailed-image-of-the-moons-surface-was-taken-from-earth/

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