According to the New York Times, Apple discontinued Gawker Media series at the express request of Tim Cook

Apple started developing this series a few months ago, when Apple TV employees began working with former employees of the Gawker blogging network to tell the story of the now-closed platform that for years shared New York rumors and stories with a unique story and creative

Founded by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spears, the Joker is best known for delving into the celebrity and media rot in New York City and the unconventional ways of the website, which sometimes included the publication of sensitive and copyrighted material, drew criticism from other journalists at a later date. Gawker Media has acquired many online media such as Gizmodo, thus increasing its influence on media culture.

Apparently, ï £ TV canceled this series shortly after Tim Cook learned how to start production. Sources close to Cupertino circles confirmed that Cook was surprised to learn Apple was making a series about Joker, a business that everyone sees as negative. Extremely

Among other things, Gawker Media has caused Apple a lot of trouble in multiple circumstances, for example when the Gizmodo blog obtained an iPhone prototype 4 before the launch and sparked much controversy with the then CEO, Steve Jobs, who also called Police intervened to try to prevent the publication of these photos, which are considered “trade secrets”.

Moreover, other sites linked to Gawker Media have published various articles on Tim Cook's homosexuality, many years before publishing his own story in 2014.

This initial series entitled “Scaper” is now back on the market and can be viewed by other streaming services. The New York Times also reports that Layne Eskridge, Apple CEO who put the show on the list of upcoming Apple TV jobs, left the company.

Tim Cook's interference was fundamental to ban and permanently cancel this series, at least on Apple TV among others. It also emerged that Eddy Cue told Apple partners that «the two things we'll never do on Apple TV are absolute nudity and shoot china in a day. Bad “Is it time to add a third veto?

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Apple, Tim Cook et Gawker Media

News – FR – Apple canceled the Gawker series at the behest of Tim Cook


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