The GeForce RTX 3080 is very popular with gamers and is also very efficient at mining cryptocurrency

Since the release of the new GeForce RTX on the Ampere architecture, its availability has become at least a delicate question of course, the appetite of the players for a good technical jump is undeniable, but others «worries» come to absorb part of the production

So we got wind from an American by the name of Simon Byrne who managed to get 78 PNY RTX cards 3080. You can imagine he wasn't thinking of designing a more delusional SLI. You need an RTX 3090 for this job anyway no, he built an infrastructure For mining dedicated to Ehtereum

This is undoubtedly the only way to make such an installation profitable., since the thing is very energy-consuming according to TechARP calculations, Skin 23 requires 4 kW, in Las Vegas where Simon Byrne is based, this is 1 444 $ per month for an electricity bill for graphics cards only.

The fact remains that for several years now, GPUs are mining stars, and especially for Ethereum we have not tested, but it looks like the RTX 3080 PNY is able to 83 MH / s and so, the Simon Byrne system as a whole will be able to generate a little more 17 ETH per month

At current price, the platform can thus produce Ethereum for 12840 $ by deducting the electricity bill that TechARP inflates to integrate the primary air conditioner, the man would make a profit from 10647 $ either more than 128000 $ per year even if you add «accidents», some of which remain

Just change the hardware configuration of the keyboard, this becomes possible thanks to the integration of screens on each key

The leaders of large American companies are the best known in France, selon Semrush, but the French are not far.

2021 gonna start well for PlayStation Plus members In fact, Sony has unveiled the three titles that will be downloaded through this program from next month. There are lovely people

It's a rare item that appeared on Twitter: a working prototype of the first Apple Watch, equipped with a previous software version of WatchOS 10 and internal development tools, its design reminds us of the iPod

When we talk about gambling, we rarely think of GNU / Linux as the first choice Windows and macOS remain the platforms of choice for die-hard gamers The failure of the Steam Machines a few years ago seems to have pushed the final nail into the Linux gaming coffin However, the wind could change in the years to come like a simple downgrade of a full month while playing on Ubuntu PC.

Because there is no reason why the Epic Games Store should be the only one to give us end of the year gifts

Launched to offer the LG Stylo 7 completely redesigned and will be available in a 5G compatible variant

Apple AirTags for Object Locators would sell for an unattractive price, according to a recent leak

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News – FR – 78 GeForce RTX 3080 Assembly for Ethereum Mining


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