Nyan Cat, arguably the hottest cat meme in 2011, is back in the news this week after the digital recreation of 300 Ether artwork sold at the time of Friday's sale was just under 600 000 $.

Welcome to the wild world of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT), which are unique digital objects authenticated by the blockchain that sell for over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Artists sell NFTs through digital marketplaces like Rarible and The Foundation. ?? It was in the latter that the creator of Nyan Cat sold the latest version of his iconic cat Â

I just opened the floodgates for the future of memes economy in the crypto world, it's okay ~ but seriously, thank you for believing in Nyan Cat all these years. I hope this will inspire our future artists to enter the # NFT world so they can earn Appropriate recognition for their work! Twitter.com / JX7UU9VSPb

There's a reason it all sounds so familiar In 2017, a different kind of digital chat has taken over the cryptocurrency world.

Cryptokitties were, as indicated by his name, cats on the Ethereum blockchain at some point, it was the game of raising, to buy, to sell and incubate cats because it is so popular it has shut down the entire Ethereum network.

I go there once, I go there twice, out of print! re ?????? Thank you PRguitarman for bringing us along the historic journey of Include Tweet of ?????? Re-watch the live auction broadcast -? https: // sharing / XJQI2O0 pictwitter com / ispgglnGiw

These days, even the famous auction house Christie’s participates in the event, an NFT auction, facilitated by society, is expected less than a week after the sale of Nyan CatÂ.

It should be noted that people are hitting and selling all kinds of NFT ???? As, for example, “E Honda gif “Jay Caspian Kang, New York contributor and co-host of the CoinTalk podcast, recently sold over 500 ether dollars.

This is the letter E Honda gif sold by Jay for over 500 $ in ether if you are curious https: // tco / BaX56KTXrgcc: @ 42RaptorJesus42

Yes, I read that correctly. Someone paid the equivalent of more than 500 $ to be able to prove, via la blockchain, that he had a GIF “original” Street Fighter slapping an ass.

See as well: Someone paid 2 at 6 million dollars in fees to transfer 134 cryptocurrency dollars and excuse me

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News – THAT – GIF sale “Nyan Cat” for 600 000 $ Ether and of course no bubble

Source: https://mashable.com/article/nyan-cat-meme-non-fungible-token-sale-300-ethereum/

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