Launched last March, with relative discretion, the Clubhouse social network arouses curiosity. It is only accessible by invitation, and it stands out by focusing on voice chats and prompts with up to 3 million active users per week


Social media and messaging are taking full advantage of the pandemic to help their users stay in touch with major Facebook apps, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram et Signal, a new child is making more and more noise The Clubhouse was launched in strict confidentiality in March 2020, and also took advantage of the health crisis to gain users with a surprising prescription as most social networks focused on the written word, Clubhouse betting on voice chats and voice chats only an alleged option which allowed the platform to be visited by 1500 people when it was estimated at 100 million dollars last May and since then, the service is word of mouth and works only through advocacy to allow its managers to develop smoothly and develop it further from the start 2021, Clubhouse has remained on a human scale and claims between 2 and 3 million active users per week

far from 2 with 7 billion Facebook users or one billion TikTok members, Clubhouse is stunning and inspired more by free radio or podcast than traditional social media. The application forgets these icons by not relying on the “I love”, the “retweets” and the “shares” On the photos. And audio videos are in the spotlight here by allowing users to join “rooms” private or public for live chat. These “galeries” bring together speakers and groups of listeners on a topic or topic at the moment, however, you should be invited to the Clubhouse to speak directly. The advocacy system is not new and contributes to the hype around the app.

If to compare, Clubhouse could be presented as a meeting point between the Twitch platform and the podcast by the fact that betting on sound is not a coincidence and is justified by user demand after an era dominated by the written word which allowed to Facebook or Twitter to be published, dedicated to Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok for years 2010 with an emphasis on photos and video the long-neglected audio has come back to the fore, thanks in particular to audio messages provided by the most famous messengers, the emergence of voice assistants and the proliferation of podcasts

The format appeals to younger generations – from generation Y to generation Z – and Clubhouse is part of this trend of apps. Not the only one, but Twitter tried to send voicemail a few months ago. Recently, Little Blue Bird launched a voice chat system called Spaces and bought shares in the Podcast app (Breaker) which show interest in sound and evolving uses as giants like Facebook no longer appeal to younger users

Clubhouse is only available on iOS, it is not directly accessible and you will have to wait to receive an invitation to use the app is sober and already attracts celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Drake and Elon Musk who even the latter tweeted about his Clubhouse membership and was part of the service craze for the world for a few weeks in Germany, Clubhouse was “the most downloaded iPhone application” in January, selon Deutsche Welle. Little curiosity. The icon highlights one or a member of the application, artist Bomani X, selected. Clubhouse said this icon will change with each major update .


At each major update of the application, we are changing our icon to highlight one of the many great members of the community

Today, we celebrate the achievement of IamBomaniX, #CottonClub host! On behalf of the Clubhouse community, thanks for all you've done! (📷: TheArtHype) picTwitter com / k9P6gQUuNQ

For the data collected, the App Store specifies that Clubhouse may collect your details, user content, your contacts or your identifiers and various data (diagnostics, usage data, etc.)

It is this development and the current situation that drives the Clubhouse to nurture great ambitions. The Social Voice Network is on the verge of taking a further step and is on the verge of reaching 1 billion dollars in valuations, supported by 180 investors, according to the information website This money should allow the Clubhouse to grow and enter the courts of major social networks «We now want to open the Clubhouse to the whole world», explain the founders of the social network, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. They particularly want to launch an Android app that the app wants to harden its servers to avoid error messages during traffic spikes and plans to test different methods to reward creators.

Clubhouse teams also plan to introduce subscription or donation system to allow creators to earn money. The New York Times says it has between 40 and 50 years, which can be explained by the aspect «elitist» of the application. This reward system will reduce the use of ads

If the Clubhouse is now focused on the quality of content and takes its time, it is also to prepare for the challenges of Facebook or Twitter by choosing to grow and open up to a wider audience, the Clubhouse will have to find a solution concerning moderation in content and illegal or problematic comments and contest the application to which it will have to do so. Address moderation in audio content, who really has to deal with cases of racism and anti-Semitism.

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