World Conference on Space Exploration in St. Petersburg will be the first major gathering of space agencies since the start of the pandemic

The head of the burgeoning UAE astronaut program and the country's first man in space to attend an in-person global conference in Russia this week, launching missions to the moon, March and beyond

The World Conference on Space Exploration (Glex) will include heads of space agencies from around the world

Hazza Al Mansouri, the first emirati astronaut, should speak in a plenary session with other astronauts and scientists

Salem Al Marri, Chief of the Astronaut Program and Deputy Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center will also participate and discuss the challenges of lunar exploration.

Organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), the event will be held in St. Petersburg from Monday to Friday

“This first personal conference since the start of the global pandemic shows great interest in space exploration”, declared Pascal Ehrenfreund, President of the IAF

“After the United States in 2012 and China in 2017, the International Aeronautics Federation (IAF) is proud to offer to the space community and the general public, a unique opportunity to meet in Russia, another leading nation in space exploration , for the third edition of the International Conference on Space Exploration”

National's Sarwat Nasser will cover the event live from the Taurid Palace in St. Petersburg Here's what to expect

The United Arab Emirates being an active player in space exploration, they are likely to become a key player in global space events

The 15 June, M. Al-Mansoori is due to speak at a plenary session titled “The 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight”. Other experts include NASA astronaut Mike Baker and astronaut Alexander Alexandrov

During the session “High Level Space Leaders”, M. Al Marri to share thoughts on UAE space program, including current and future plans

The United Arab Emirates have already sent an Emirati to space, a spaceship orbiting Mars, and there are plans to launch a small robotic vehicle on the Moon in 2022

The President of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Dmitry Rogozin, speak in person, just like the president of the Turkish space agency, Serdar Huseyin Yildirim

Adnan Al Rayes, Mars program director 2117, will deliver the historic lecture on 17 June

It is expected that some of the country's upcoming projects, including Space Venture, participate in the analog mission of the United Arab Emirates – which includes an Emirati citizen living in isolation for several months as part of a space simulation project – and provide updates on the Mars Science City and Lunar Mission

Dubai to host next major IAF event in October World's largest space conference, the International Astronautical Congress will be held at the World Trade Center

Roscosmos is the local organizing committee of the conference, which takes place during a historic year for the proud history of the nation in space

In April, Russia celebrated the 60th birthday of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who was the first person in space

Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) should discuss the future of the International Space Station, which has been working since 2000 thanks to a joint international effort between Russia, la NASA, the European Space Agency, Japan and Canada

However, the Russian Space Agency recently announced plans to leave the space station and build an independent one

M. Rogozin said last week he would consider not building one if the United States lifted sanctions on the space agency

« The ball is in the court of our American partners. If the sanctions against Progress Rocket and Space Center and TsNIIMash continue, the question of the withdrawal of Russia from the International Space Station is a problem for the American partners who will be their zone of ​​responsibility”

“Either we work together and the sanctions must be lifted immediately, or we will not work together and national systems will then be deployed”

Yanhua Wu, deputy director of the National Space Administration of China, will speak at the meeting of « high-level space leaders», with the head of the Indian Space Agency, the head of JAXA and M. Rogozin

China has a Mars probe and a surface rover whose Chang'e-5 mission returned lunar samples from the lunar surface last year

The country is building a space station, whose main stage is already in orbit. Chinese astronauts set to launch into space this month

A roadmap for the construction of the station is expected to be unveiled at one of the public sessions of the 16 June, as well as the main phases of implementation

During another plenary session, Xiaojun Wang, president of the Chinese Academy of Launcher Technology, is expected to discuss China's future plans for deep space exploration and share details of ongoing missions

Laurie glaza, Director of the Planetary Sciences Division of the Science Missions Directorate of NASA, and his colleagues will discuss the Perseverance mission

NASA ingeniously posed one of its most advanced devices, called Perseverance, on Mars earlier this year, a small helicopter, who accompanied the rover and carried out several flights

The committee will discuss mission milestones and upcoming science plans, including the return of the Mars sample and human exploration

Other NASA dignitaries who will speak at this remote event include Catherine Lueders, Associate Director of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Department, and Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Director of the Scientific Mission Directorate

Some other plenary sessions will include speakers from private space companies, such as Airbus and Lockheed Martin

Posted: 13 June 2021 13:18

Two-thirds of Dubai residents now receive two doses – and 90 % of Covid-19 patients are not vaccinated

Two-thirds of Dubai residents now receive two doses – and 90 % of Covid-19 patients are not vaccinated

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Yusali International Space Station, Russian astronaut Bill Nelson

News – THAT – UAE takes center stage at World Space Conference in Russia this week


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