ESA-NASA Solar Orbiter is completely busy on its way to the Void Sun, Com notes that the spacecraft has completed its first flight to Venus, gathering information about the infernal planet as it wandered towards 7 h 39 in the East There will be no images when the telescopes focus on the main mission, but the solar orbit will collect magnetism data, of particles, plasma and radio that can provide information about how Venus interacts with the solar wind.

Scientists expect it to take a few days before they can analyze the results and see if there are any findings.. Don't expect big surprises – it is not a vessel headed for Venus, and the distance from 4700 miles is limited by what the Solar Orbiter can study


It is nevertheless an important step. This is Solar Orbiter's maiden voyage and one of its first opportunities to obtain data as part of its seven-year mission. Take it as the probe took it seriously.

Update of the flight control team: “We are following the closest approach to TM now on Earth” = We have confirmed the completion of #VenusFlyby by telemetry verification, so everything is # Well

Earlier this year, Berkshire Hathaway abandoned their heavyweight title behind Barrick Gold with an investment that stole in the face of Warren Buffett's long-standing aversion to gold. A strategist at the time said the news was “worrying about the gold market”

President Trump has promoted “the good news” on the stimulus package Elon Musk said Tesla was close to a “historical milestone” “Apple shares are buyable

With the end of 2020, we believe more and more that 2021 will be the year of stock market growth. US elections reshaped a divided government that is unlikely to enjoy a large majority – or broad support – necessary to pass far-reaching reform legislation, whether right or left, This bodes well for the economy in general: COVID vaccines are in distribution, and whether new lockdown measures are also put in place to fight viruses, we have the feeling that the end of the epidemic could be near according to the community of analysts, some names reflect serious growth games. These are stocks that have already made amazing gains since the start of the year. Until now, He is preparing to see continued growth even beyond the end of 2020 With that in mind, we used the TipRanks database to scour the street for indicators that fall into this category with three in particular. Analysts believe that each name, which also presents a consensus note «strong buy», could support the rally. In 2021, SunOpta (STKL), # 1 stock on this growing list is healthy snack company SunOpta. The company's product line includes vegetarian drinks, fruit-based snacks, broths, actions, tea, sunflower and roasted snacks. The company markets through private brands and co-distribution, as well as During Foodservice Enterprises, SunOpta has a market capitalization of 962 millions of dollars, after a year of impressive share price growth; the title increased by 328% this year, going beyond public procurement. The company's third-quarter revenue reached 314 million dollars to 9 million dollars to 64% year-on-year earnings per share With a net loss of 1 cent, it was better than the expected loss of 2 cents – and much better than the loss of 11 cents in the quarter of last year. Hallum Alex Furman, analyst evaluating STKL a Buy with a target price of 15 $ This figure indicates a one-year increase in 40% compared to current levels (to see Fuhrmann's file, click here) in support of his position, Forman wrote: «We believe the focus The High-Value Plant-Based Foods and Beverages Company should require an excellent review with opportunities to increase estimates as the economy recovers from COVID. »To a large extent, Forman's optimism is based on SunOpta's stature, and the analyst noted:« We expect plant food stocks to score highly among other food companies in the foreseeable future given faster growth trends and compelling environmental benefits with only 4 5 billion dollars in sales today, vegan products represent less than 1% the grocery market of 695 billions of dollars, but it's easy to imagine they represent a double-digit share of grocery sales over time. “Wall Street No. It always meets unanimously, but in this case, it makes the consensus of SunOpta analyst Strong Buy on the consensus, based on 3 buy ratings that the stock sells at 10 70 $, and with an average target price of 15 $, you benefit from SunOpta with the potential for future growth of 40% (see STKL stock market analysis on TipRanks) Green Brick Partners (GRBK) The residential construction sector has been a bright spot in the economy last year, because people out of cities to avoid COVID have moved to suburbs and suburbs – stimulating demand for family homes. The one Green Brick is a Texas-based land development and homeownership company investing in real estate, mainly in land, then finance land and buildings for development projects. Urban sprawl – not just in this year of COVID, but as a general trend, is beneficial for Green Brick. Company profit from 275 million dollars in the third quarter, the best in over a year, exceeding expectations with growth of 20% and 31% From one year to another. The third quarter value, 68 cents, was from 54% higher than forecast, and more than double the value a year ago Green Brick's share price has risen in line with the company's financial outlook., GRBK won 111% in his coverage of this action, noted JMP analyst Aaron Hecht. «[We] we expect GRBK to take advantage of the tendency of apartment renters to turn to single-family homes for security and the shift in dynamics resulting from the increase in remote workers working on the move. It spans several years. The millennial demand trend in the case of GRBK is amplified due to its high exposure to the markets, such as texas & Atlanta, who are the net beneficiaries of high-priced coastal migration. To this end, Hecht GRBK ranks outperforming (that is to say buy) and its target price The 30 $ equates to an increase of almost 23% for the 12 next months (to see Hecht's balance sheet, click here) although they are unanimous, Strong Buy consensus rating on Green Brick is crucial, with a division of 3 For 1 average target purchase price when booking 27 $ 5 gives a potential increase in 125% compared to the current share price of 24 45 $ (see GRBK stock market analysis on TipRanks) Brightcove, Inc (BCOV) We move to the software industry, we arrived at Brightcove, a software company based in Boston, Brightcove offers a range of video platform products, including cloud-based hosting and social and interactive add-ons. The company is a leader in providing, monetization and monetization of cloud-based online video solutions The strength of this business model, during these days of epidemic, with their massive transformation From white collar workers to remote offices, via teleworking and videoconferencing, it is clear that Brightcove’s profit amounted to 11 cents per share in the third quarter, nearly double the quarter of last year. At the top, income is stable, from 46 1 million dollars and 48 million dollars per quarter in 2020, with no noticeable impact on coronavirus Brightcove shares rose throughout the year, after a slight storm last winter which has accelerated the pace since the end of July, after the announcement of the second quarter results, and the share is now up 103% for 2020, global headwinds turn to bottom wind for video, as noted by Michael Latimore. Analyst at Northland Capital, “We believe that the favorable wind of the market, BCOV's flagship technology platform and strong sales execution drives strong bookings. We believe the sales team is fully operational. BCOV will add more channel managers this year. Management is focused on improving processes to ensure consistent revenue retention rates”, Note that five-star analyst Latimore rates the stock as superior (i.e. Buy), and its target price of 24 $ indicates confidence in an increase in 36% for the next year (to see the Latimore record, click here) in the last three months, two other analysts threw the hat off. In a showcase video technology company, Brightcove’s two additional buy rankings provide a strong consensus rating for buying with an average target price of 20 $ 17, from Investors should receive a gain of 14%, if the goal is reached in the coming months (see the analysis of BCOV shares on TipRanks) Find great ideas for trading growing stocks with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all TipRanks Equity Insights Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making an investment.

Analysts prefer companies that supply electric vehicle manufacturers or develop technologies to support infrastructure and autonomous driving

* This weekend's Barron cover story features six travel and entertainment options for a boom in demand * Other featured articles examine China's crackdown on tech giants, the iPhone maker's interest in cars and how Barron's actions in 2020 behaved well * Also perspectives from semiconductor giants, airline shares, pool actions and more. Cover story “Try these six travel and leisure actions to play a role in boosting demand for vaccines” By Lawrence C. Strauss notes that introduction of COVID-19 vaccine will boost some companies and sectors at the same time. Cruise shares like Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (NYSE: RCL) and accommodation and casino actions such as MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) and others were in dire straits. The «5 airline stocks that might go up at a higher speed» by Darren Fonda showed that Darren Fonda's actions were closer than others. Airlines soared as vaccines raised hopes, were no longer doing good business., some actions seem interesting Find out if American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ: AAL) and Southwest Airlines Co (NYSE: LUV) worth checking out now in the China campaign on Alibaba Maybe it won't end there », Al Root and Liz Muir told Beijing to target e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) and its co-founder. Regulators could attack other companies too. Indoor Food Heavily On Yelp Inc (NYSE: YELP) in 2020 This is what says “Cry for the Scream: Reopen the inexpensive game” by Eric J. Savitz Cependant, the online recommendation site develops the home and local services business. Find out how to prepare Him for next year’s rebound In Teresa Rivas and Al Root, this pool stock got a boost from the Covid virus that it still buys. “This is the case that consumers who installed swimming pools during a pandemic will have to pay to maintain them for years. This is good news for Pool Corporation.” (NASDAQ: POOL), which distributes swimming pool supplies and equipment and related entertainment products “What does Apple want from the automotive market” by Eric J Savitz suggests it, while speculation that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) could launch a self-driving car just The market was in vogue in 2024 last week, and the interest of the consumer electronics giant in services «car internet» is probable. See as well: Bulls and Bears Of Christmas Week: Airbnb, Apple, Netflix, Nike, Tesla And More Connected is widespread, but Apple stock prices, Peloton Interactive Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON) and others are plump, selon Jack Hough, “The Fitness Stock That Could Make Your Wallet Shape” See the alternatives in the article, and see if Planet is Fitness Inc (NYSE: PLNT) made the cut in “Here's how Barron’s stock picks work in 2020”, Ben Levison says this has not been the easiest year to choose stocks or market direction. A big mistake overshadowed Barron's calls was McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)? Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX)? Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT)? Max A Cherney's film “Intel had a year 2020 rough next year doesn't look much better” ask why, unlike many of its competitors, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) was a bad year It was one of the worst performing stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, at As gains in other chip stocks continued to surface during the pandemic Also on this week's Barron Show: * How hot have small businesses been * Barron's annual forecast challenge * What does the strength of the Chinese currency mean to the United States * If low ESG returns should deter investors * Why initial public offers will remain strong in a year 2021 * Is the Federal Reserve to Blame for Today's Low Rates * What does the end of pandemic investing mean for investors? * Is the recovery in share value false * What is fueling the recovery of luxury spirits * The fate of the pandemic relief bill * How Wall Street Responded to the Historic Breakthrough in At the time of writing, the author had no position in listed stocks Follow the latest trading news and ideas by following Benzinga on Twitter Image from Pixabay See more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga option offers * Notable insider buys this Christmas week: Foot Locker et GameStop, NetApp, and more * Christmas week bulls and bears: Airbnb, Apple, Netflix, Nike, Tesla and more (C) 2020 Benzinjacom does not provide exclusive advice Mariah All rights reserved

It will definitely be something to celebrate, and you have already figured out what your retirement income will be a good start. Americans are eligible for survivor benefits in several scenarios, including if they are widowed or widower of 60 years or older; The husband who divorced from a marriage that lasted 10 years old and who did not remarry before the age of 60 years; Or a widow or widower of any age who takes care of the child under 16 years of the deceased, Kate Gregory, financial planner and president of Gregory Advisors Inc., said spousal benefits can be very confusing. As a spouse, you are entitled to 50% basic insurance benefits from your spouse that he would have received at full retirement age (FROM, who has 66 years in his condition), but he must apply for his benefits before you can do so

Now, the bad news: – Other than expected, social Security (about 1 300 $ per month if you wait until full retirement age, 1 200 $ per month if you retire at 65 years), I don't have a pension or other sources of income – I don't have an impressive job summary that could be This leads to a profitable job in retirement. Is it possible that I can finally save some 500 000 $, especially in a very low interest rate environment?

(Bloomberg) – Chinese regulators have ordered Internet financial giant Ant Group Co to return to its roots as a payment service provider, threatening to stifle the growth of its most lucrative consumer lending and wealth management business, the People's Bank of China said in a statement on Sunday. The Central Bank summoned Ant executives over the weekend and asked them to “correct” loan services, insurance and management of the company's assets. Without going directly so far as to request the dismantling of the company, the central bank pointed out that Ant should “understand the need to reform your business” and come up with a schedule as quickly as possible. Series of decrees pose serious threat to expansion of Ma's financial empire on the Internet, which quickly developed from the process. Similar to PayPal for a full range of services over the 17 years before regulators intervened, Ant was preparing to be included in a public list that would value more than 300 billions of dollars, the central bank said the Hangzhou-based company must now move forward. By creating a separate financial holding company to ensure it has sufficient capital and protect private personal data”It is the culmination of a series of regulations and sets the direction for the future of Ant's business”, said Zhang Xiaoxi, analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics, based in Beijing. “We have not seen a clear indication of separation, but the ant is a giant player in the world and any separation must be careful” Authorities have also criticized Ant for poor corporate governance, its disregard for regulatory requirements and regulatory arbitrage and the central bank said Ant had used its dominance to exclude its competitors, Harming the interests of hundreds of millions of consumers, China stepped up its scrutiny of the two pillars of the billionaire’s internet business last week, also opening an investigation into alleged monopoly practices at the Ant subsidiary, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. E-commerce company UX-Listed Stocks largest drop on investigation news ever The State Administration for Market Regulation sent investigators to Alibaba on Thursday and the on-site investigation was concluded That day, according to a report published on Saturday on a news app operated by the Zhejiang Daily. The report quotes an anonymous official from the Zhejiang Province Local Market Regulatory Authority, where Ali Babakat is based, she said in a statement on Sunday that she will form a task force to develop proposals and a timetable for comprehensive reform. It will maintain user business operations and commit to keeping costs to consumers and financial partners unchanged, while strengthening risk control. Pressure on Ma is at the heart of broader efforts to shrink the increasingly influential internet space. They have been hailed as engines of economic prosperity and symbols of the country's technological prowess., the empires that Ma built. The President of Tencent Holdings Ltd, Pony Ma Huateng and other business tycoons are now under surveillance after racking up hundreds of millions of users and impacting nearly every aspect of daily life in China. My empire has been in crisis mode since early December. Ant is under regulatory oversight, the most defining man with the meteoric rise of China Inc advised the government to stay in the country, says a person familiar with the subject, Alibaba lost more than 200 billion dollars in market value since November, when regulators blew up what was supposed to be 35 billion. Dollars for the first time at Ant Alibaba, CEO of Ant Alibaba, Daniel Chang, said in a meeting with local regulators on Friday that the company would grow Tomorrow in the future only by following the rules, The state-backed China News Service says Ant's general managers are part of a sales team that already has almost daily interactions with security guards and at the same time, regulators, including the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, review Ant companies should relinquish control to contain the risks they pose. The economy, said officials familiar with the matter They have not decided to divide their different lines of operations, to divide their services online and offline, or follow a completely different path between the Ant supporters Warburg Pincus LLC, Carlyle Group Inc, Silver Lake Management LLC, Temasek Holdings Pte and GIC Pte Find out more: Jack What is acting quietly after the spectacular downturn in Ant Group «Ant growth potential will be capped with renewed focus on payments services», declared Shujin Chen, Head of China Financial Research at Jefferies Financial Group Inc., based in Hong Kong. «On the continent, the online payments industry is saturated and Ant's market share has reached a large extent» (Updates with Ant investors in the penultimate paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergcom Thief

The best tech stocks to buy and watch are strong price performance with healthy fundamentals, through a new product or service that drives growth

New retirees are like recent college graduates – they are alone after years of the same routine, and they must find a new path to follow. This type of retiree is venturing into the unknown and taking on a new job he has never done before

I can easily live on a budget of 60 000 $ (taxes comprises) but it's often less than that! Health insurance is probably one of the most important considerations – if not the most important – to take into account before leaving your job

Here is 17 advice on making the right financial choices during a difficult recovery

Buying stocks is easy, but buying the right stocks without a time-tested strategy is extremely difficult, so what are the best stocks to buy now or be on your watchlist?

(Bloomberg) – It was a difficult year from all points of view, but for Bitcoin, 2020 has been a good time Cryptocurrency has almost quadrupled, exceeding 20000 $ for the first time as it hit record after record hailed by campaigners as a way to hedge against inflation in The era of unprecedented central bank generosity has been blessed by Wall veterans Street, from Paul Tudor Jones to Stanley Druckmiller, as an alternative asset, adding to the rally and companies like MicroStrategy Inc. and Square are moving their cash reserves into cryptocurrencies in search of better returns than near zero interest rates while None of these reasons for buying Bitcoin does not include its assets as an alternative to fiat currencies, but it indicates a growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as its own asset class, what prompted the fanatic community to achieve yet another victory in their quest for legitimacy, said Matt Hogan, Director of Investments at Bitwise Asset Management: What is happening now – and it's happening faster than anyone can imagine – is that Bitcoin goes from a marginal and esoteric asset to the general public. ” «If he had to take it, there is a lot of money on the margin that needs to come in and establish a position that makes me anticipate the lead for 2021», but since Bitcoin gets more attention, it could also attract more attention from regulators, dit Jay Hirsch, UC Director General. On the eToro online trading platform, he stated: «Despite this meteoric rise, there are clouds ​​storm looming», including the fallout from many last minute actions taken by the outgoing Trump administration, among others, loyalists say it is in some ways. The year devastated by the epidemic has proven to be the ideal environment for digital currency, and warnings of rampant money printing by global central banks – some of which have started to reveal their own interests in digital assets – raised fears of possible inflation, while interest rates have fallen to their lowest levels. Some investors are looking for returns and hedging themselves with cryptocurrencies, pushing its price to more than 28000 $ against about 7200 $ in early January Predicting where he will go is a risky exercise. The currency is to die for after the top of 2017 triggered a crash the following year, a period sometimes called «cryptocurrency winter» «but she jumped over 300% in 2020 and many investors say she could keep winning next year. Deutsche said most believed it would end in 2021, 41% of respondents expecting an objective between 20 000 and 4 9 999 dollars and 12% considering it superior to 100 000 dollars, selon Jim Reed, strategic analyst of the company. Previously: Treasury Department proposes crackdown on virtual currency conversions. What's more on the radar? For Meltem Demirors, CoinShares chief strategist and digital asset manager, there are concerns about what Joe Biden's next administration could mean for the crypto space, said Demirors: «In general, i think we faced some challenges with the democrats – they would prefer more regulation and supervision.» A little about the direction it is taking, “particularly on antitrust lawsuits and the erosion of internet privacy, Demirors said there are still allies for the industry, including Patrick McHenry from North Carolina and Warren Davidson from Ohio, who, according to her, have been defenders. On preserving the financial privacy of consumers Many strategists and investors, in the future, say industry could see more scrutiny and tighter regulation with Biden in the White House, of course, a lot will depend on who holds key positions in the administration, averti Janet Yellen, who was nominated for the post of Treasury. In the Biden administration, investors of recent years are talking about bitcoin, claiming that they are “actifs hautement spéculatifs” and “pas une réserve de valeur fixe” “Personne n’a répondu Pendant ce temps, Bloomberg News rapporte que Gary Gensler pourrait être nommé pour remplacer Jay Clayton chez YOS Securities and Exchange Commission La sortie de Clayton du régulateur est une bonne nouvelle pour les fans de crypto-monnaie qui l’ont vu prendre une ligne dure au fil des ans, soulevant Un procès pour arrêter les ICO, des demandes rejetées d’ETF bitcoin et un procès de dernière minute intenté contre Ripple Labs Inc. Gensler, qui a présidé le Commodity Futures Trading Committee sous l’administration Obama, est un conseiller principal de l’initiative de crypto-monnaie au MIT Media Lab. He studies blockchain technology and digital currencies. According to eToro's Hirsch, there is uncertainty over how the Biden administration will treat cryptocurrencies, but the nominations are noteworthy as Yellen is known to fight cryptocurrency and Ginsler is known to be a supporter of cryptocurrency “” without knowing how the authorities will seek to regulate. More powerful cryptocurrencies in the years to come, it is difficult for the markets to continue to grow at the same rate as they are now, especially if the regulations, as some fear, In order to curb innovation rather than stimulate it, Hirsch declared: «One more time, clarity is the name of the game. For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg comSubscribe now to stay up to date with your most trusted source of business news.

This article is an excerpt from 10 Barron's favorite stocks in 2021 to see the full list, click here (AAPL) was the heavyweight in 2020 Its shares increased by 74% to reach 128 $ recently, and are on their way to the flagship product of 2 $ Overall

In the past, I paid to buy Berkshire after bad fallout, until the bear market of 1974-1975 and the tech bubble of 1999.

Beijing targets e-commerce giant and co-founder Regulators are likely to go after others, too

Lidar means “radar light, it emits lasers and measures distance by determining how quickly the laser returns to its origin after hitting objects”, selon Wired, “since Lidar sees much more detail than the radar, It can make cars capable enough to drive without this constant monitoring This may explain why lidars are now seen as a key part of autonomous vehicles and the stock of lidar is growing in importance..
And with many car manufacturers, dont Ford (NYSE: F), GM (NYSE: GM), BMW (OTC: BMWYY) and Honda (NYSE: HMC), intensively seeking to introduce autonomous and semi-autonomous cars, it has become Lidar is more and more profitable More, with the indication that the major automotive suppliers Bosch and Valeo (OTC: VLEEY) ont commencé à développer le lidar, arsTechnica a récemment annoncé queles capteurs Lidar sont sur le point de devenir une caractéristique majeure du véhicule
Le cabinet de recherche Lucintel a déclaré que le lidar estutilisé dans la détection des angles morts, le régulateur de vitesse adaptatif, l’aide au stationnement et les systèmes de détection des piétons”.«Il s’attendait à ce que les revenus du marché des capteurs de portée et de la détection de véhicules atteignent un taux de croissance annuel composé de 17% between 2019 and 2025 et la société a déclaré que la popularité de Lidar dans ce secteur augmentait plus rapidement que la moyenne. InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Equity Tips, & Trading Tips
7 undervalued stocks could increase in 2021
Lidar stocks are very well positioned for this trend:
Collective growth company (NASDAQ: CGRO)
Velodyne (NASDAQ: VLDR)
Collective growth company (CGRO)
Source: Shutterstock

The Collective Growth Company is a special purpose acquisition company considering a merger with Innoviz Technologies, an Israeli company that develops lidar sensors. Among the start-up investors are two large automotive equipment companies, Magna (NYSE: MGA) and Aptiv (NYSE: APTV). Another investor is Softbank. (OTC: SFTBY), which is a huge Japanese investment bank
Innoviz has agreed to sell its LiDar to BMW for use in its SUV 2021. Mostly, Innoviz recently announced that it has launched a cheaper lidar system that is more feasible for cars «grand public». In fact, the company claims its technology is one of the most effective. In terms of cost of car manufacturers in the market, selon Yahoo Finance
In 2025, Innoviz expects the gross margin to reach 52%, with an operating margin of 31%. CGRO's stock market valuation of 1 billion dollars expected after merger This will make Innoviz one of the cheapest games on lidar
The combination of a top customer, big investors, affordable products and a relatively low rating made by Collective Growth / Innoviz l’une des meilleures actions de Lidar à acheter.

Valeo (VLEEY)
Source: Shutterstock

L’entreprise française d’équipement automobile Valeo seraitla seule entreprise du monde automobileà produire en série des capteurs lidar. Valeo a l’intention de produire 1 milliard de capteurs automobiles au cours des cinq prochaines années. Moreover, “quatre des principaux constructeurs automobiles mondiaux ont déjà signé des contrats commerciaux”. Le carnet de commandes de Valeo s’élève actuellement à près d’un demi-milliard d’euros. ”
À l’instar de l’Innoviz, Valeo affirme avoir développé le LiDAR à des prix relativement abordables et, at the same time, invoquant une demande accrue de voitures, Moody’s s’attendait récemment à ce que les fabricants de pièces européens enregistrent une croissance de 11 at 12% next year. La marge d’EBITDA s’établira à 62% against 69% in 2019 et la société a identifié Valeo comme l’un des principaux bénéficiaires de la diffusion des voitures électriques sur le continent.
7 undervalued stocks could increase in 2021
Valeo négocie avec un taux de profit à terme abordable d’un peu plus de 20 et un pourcentage minuscule de ventes de 039, ce qui figure sur la liste des actions de Lidar car il semble être un bon nom de prix de croissance raisonnable (GARP).

Velodyne Lidar (VLDR)
Source: Shutterstock

Comme je l’ai indiqué dans une récente chronique, Velodyne a récemment annoncé qu’il dévoilerait un nouveau capteur lidar appelé H800 qu’il cherchera à vendre pour 500 $ en conséquence. H800 avec des capacités dedétection exceptionnelle
Moreover, l’unité de véhicules commerciaux européens de Ford a déclaré qu’elle utiliserait le H800
Velodyne prévoit une ligne aérienne de 100 millions de dollars cette année. Moreover, “Velodyne a des partenariats étroits et avancés avec les Chinois Ford, Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) et Hyundai Mobis
Moreover, le stock VLDR est moins risqué que les fabricants de lidars automobiles non diversifiés Velodyne développe des capteurs robotiques autonomes en fait, le Velabit, son capteur robotique 3D, a récemment été nommé «Prix de l’innovation 2020 de la Silicon Valley Robotics» avec une portée de 100 mètres et un coût de 100 Seulement des dollars, et peut être intégré dans des drones et des véhicules
La société négocie avec une capitalisation boursière de 3 4 000 billions of dollars. Les actions de VLDR sont relativement peu coûteuses pour la société qui est sans doute le moteur numéro un dans l’espace Lidar à croissance rapide.
Dans l’histoire de l’édition, Larry Ramire a occupé une position longue dans Velodyne
Larry a recherché et écrit des articles sur UX Stock pendant 13 ans et a travaillé pour The Fly et le plus grand journal commercial en Israël, Globes Parmi ses choix contrastés très réussis sont Solar Stocks, Roku et Snap Vous pouvez y accéder sur StockTwits sur larryramer Larry a commencé à écrire des colonnes pour InvestorPlace En 2015
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Lidar post-buy pour les actions autonomes est apparu en premier sur InvestorPlace

module solaire en orbite, spatialship, European Space Agency, vol habité de Vénus, United Kingdom, NASA

News – THAT – Solar Orbiter effectue son premier vol sur Vénus


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