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Vodafone Idea is in talks with a consortium backed by Oaktree Capital to raise up to 2,5 billions of dollars: report there is 1 hour

Along with rising prices, Jio also reportedly collected a mandatory prepaid top-up of 125 Rs for the purchase of JioPhone, thus increasing the real price to 1 124 Rs

The costs of using the interconnection (IUC), also called mobile call termination charges, are the charges paid by the telecommunications operator who establishes the connection with the destination operator who ends the call outside the network on its network

The 17 October, TRAI has lowered IUC rates by 57% of 14 biz per minute at 6 biz per minute and called for order cancellation from January 2020, the three current companies – Vodafone, Idea et Airtel – with over 60% of subscribers at that time They strongly opposed TRAI's decision given their potential revenue losses. However, Jio took advantage of the move as she sought to reduce recall payments to her competitors.

In mid-September of this year, TRAI called on public opinion to its consultative paper on “Review of interconnection usage charges” to review the original deadline of January 1 2020 for service providers to terminate the CUI due to the slow adoption of VOLTE technology and the persistence of “traffic imbalance between off-grid operators” / p>

Absolutely to show, Jio is now generating the voice minutes and the subscriber market has become a net driver as most of its free calls from its subscribers end up on its competitor's networks., making them net winners. Trai's latest review call follows a rift between older operators and Jio via a ring with Geo arguing for a while. 20 at 25 seconds while the incumbents want to bind 30 at 70 seconds to prevent the callback from being executed

The 9 October, the telecommunications company headed by Mukesh Ambani, who promised to keep all voice calls free, started billing her over 350 million users to recover interconnection usage charges (IUC) of 6 $ per minute. She pays it to other telecom companies, saying they have to do this until the regulator cuts the fees to zero. All Jio customers will now have to purchase additional coupons from 10 $, 20, 50 and 100 $, to get additional WTU minutes

The industry rival, Airtel, was fiercely critical, claiming that Jio's decision was taken to force IUC usage rates down despite the heavy burden it places on the receiving network. The operator pointed out that the financial pressures of the sector would now allow a further decrease in IUC Tariffs

Vodafone Idea also echoed its annoyance, saying that Jio's use of billing for calls made to other service providers to cover UIC's termination fees is not just an unnecessary rushed action, but also distracts attention from the poor health of the sector

Analysts and industry experts predicted that Jio's decision to take IUC back from consumers could have a cascading effect of indirectly raising tariffs and that this move was good for the besieged telecommunications industry where average revenue per user (ARPU) and tariffs could ultimately never be Searching for the end of the era of free audio tariffs

Vodafone Idea (We) plans to increase its prices by 15 at 20% by the end of the year or early next year as the losing telecom company walks a tightrope between financial recovery and reduced customer losses

Vodafone Idea (We) plans to increase its prices by 15 at 20% by the end of the year or early next year as the losing telecom company walks a tightrope between financial recovery and reduced customer losses

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News – THAT – Jio increases the price of JioPhone by 300 rupees, will now sell it to 999 rupees: ET Telecom report
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Jio to increase Price ​​JioPhone from 300 rupees, will now be retailed for 999 rupees: Report
– <a href = "/? S = JioPhone Le prix du téléphone est susceptible d'augmenter bientôt, it will cost 999 rupees, and it is likely that the price of the JioPhone will increase soon and cost 999 rupees
The price of JioPhone in India will increase soon: Report

Source: https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/jio-to-raise-jiophone-price-by-rs-300-will-now-retail-for-rs-999-report/79299797

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