Inseego Corp.. announced today that it has partnered with Swisscom, leader in communication and IT in Switzerland, to integrate the Inseego 5G MiFi mobile access point® M2000 to the national 5G network directly from Swisscom

The Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 Mobile Hotspot is the first commercially available 5G MiFi mobile hotspot based on 5G technology, delivering blazing speeds and seamless connectivity over European 5G sub-6 and 4G LTE networks with support for dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), the 5G MiFi M2000 offers the best combination of speed, performance and coverage available

«With super-fast, robust broadband connections and low latency, la 5G – the latest generation of mobile communications – opens up a whole series of new possibilities», said Nicholas Muntner, Head of Device Management at Swisscom. «As the first and fifth European supplier in the world to commission the 5G network, We are excited to expand our line of devices with the latest generation of portable hotspots and provide our customers with the ultimate 5G experience.»

Using Inseego's Exclusive Advanced RF Technology Design, the Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 series offers more Gigabit data speeds * in ranges below 6 GHz and supports new applications that require the responsiveness and ultra-low latency of 5G technology


«Global demand for the entire 5G network suite of fixed mobile and wireless broadband solutions is very strong and continues to grow rapidly», said Simon Ryan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for UK, l’Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. «Our products are of high quality. 5G performance is the standard for super-fast speed, ultra-low latency and the most advanced cybersecurity features in the industry. Inseego «By introducing the leading 2G MiFi mobile hotspot in the Swisscom range of devices, consumers and businesses will benefit from new experiences and applications that deliver greater business value»

Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 Mobile Hotspot Delivers a Complete and Secure 5G Experience, enabling Swisscom customers to:

Stop bottlenecks with Wi-Fi 6 – The 5G MiFi M2000 uses Wi-Fi technology 6 efficient and synchronous dual-band that offers throughput up to 4 times higher per user * and significantly higher speeds for connected devices compared to Wi-Fi 5, with Secure connections for up to 30 Wi-Fi enabled devices

Enterprise-grade security connectivity – Designed and developed in the United States, the 5G MiFi M2000 series offers multiple layers of protection with the latest WPA Wi-Fi security protocol 3, advanced encryption, a hacker block, password protection and guest Wi-Fi Fi, VPN and open VPN traffic

Easily turn any Wi-Fi enabled device into 5G power – using a large device 2 Color touch screen 4 inch and simple menus supporting multiple languages, 5G MiFi 2000 Plug and Play keeps you connected all day * with laptops and smartphones And tablets and other devices that support Wi-Fi, display important information and protect data.

Push the limits with 5G – From data-hungry consumers to remote workers to cutting-edge enterprise applications, the 5G MiFi M2000 offers lightning-fast connectivity, secure and reliable via 5G for a world of exciting new applications that demand low latency and massive healthcare capacity, emergency response, fabrication, education and entertainment, among others

* Actual speeds and coverage may vary 4 times the Wi-Fi transmission rate 6 per user when multiple devices are connected Battery life and charging time may vary based on number of connected devices and activity Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 Chipset: Qualcomm® Snapdragon® X55 5G Modem-RF System

Media: to learn more about Inseego 5G solutions or to schedule an interview with a manager, please contact @inseego com

Inseego Corp.. (NASDAQ: INSG) is an industry leader in intelligent hardware-to-cloud solutions that extend the 5G network edge, enabling wider 5G coverage, multi-gigabit data speeds, low latency and robust security to provide Extremely reliable access to the Internet Our innovative fixed wireless and mobile broadband access solutions (FWA) integrate the most advanced technologies (including 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6, etc.) in a wide range of products that provide robust connectivity to the home, abroad and in the harshest industrial environments Inseego products are designed and developed in the United States, and SaaS products and solutions leverage the company’s patented technologies to provide high-quality wireless connectivity to service providers, to businesses and government agencies around the world wwwinseego com

Swisscom, leading communications company in Switzerland and one of its main IT companies, has its headquarters in Ittigen, near the capital Bern outside of Switzerland. Swisscom is present on the Italian market under the guise of Fastweb in the first half of the year 2020. About 19 000 salespeople valued at 5 443 million Swiss francs and belongs to 51% in the Union and is one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland

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Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and / or its subsidiaries Qualcomm and Snapdragon, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 350 dots amid coronavirus vaccine news on Monday, Tesla surged to an all time high

November was an impressive month for S shares&P 500 and provided another reminder of the strength of selecting large stocks

I have read quite a few HelpMeRetire inquiries, and I have a situation where it seems I can't find much information on this when reading our retirement planning guides. 60 years old and my husband is 45 years Our living expenses are not prohibitive, but we love to travel

President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday he will appoint Janet Yellen, former president of the Federal Reserve, as Secretary of the Treasury

Hemp stocks continued to rise after the Ashes election on Monday, ahead of this week's vote on decriminalization in the US House of Representatives and the United Nations

Shares of Kandi Technologies Group Inc were hit hard on Monday, after Hindenburg Research slammed the Chinese electric vehicle and battery maker for alleged «fraudulent sales» of undisclosed subsidiaries of the company.

The S indices&P Dow Jones to reveal how Tesla Inc will be added to S&P 500 after market close on Monday

(Opinion Bloomberg) – There are just a few basic rules for investing: diversification, cost control and, mostly, sticking to times when the markets are weakening from time to time is the most difficult. Especially when so many people, and some of them highly respected, care about the end of the world, which always accompanies a stock market crash, that's when Covid-19 Ux sent stocks down sharply in late February, the S index&P 500 gave up a third of its value in just over four weeks, It’s one of the steepest setbacks ever, as widespread rumors that the epidemic floods the United States into a prolonged recession, wiping out entire industries and permanently damaging large sectors of the economy Hanging on to stocks during this mess was no small feat, and surprisingly, most investors have succeeded in doing so, Dalbar research firm concluded, which tries to follow the movements of investors in and out of funds. Sharing, in a recent report that «the average investor's appetite for stocks has remained unchanged throughout the Covid crisis», Vanguard Group, which oversees assets of more than 6 billions de dollars, found that less than 0% of its individual clients and independent investors in its pension plans had panicked. And they switched to all cash between the 19 February, the market peak before the coronavirus, and the 31 May, which is a big change from previous collapses, the last of which was the financial crisis of 2008, when investors flooded stocks in droves. It seems that it has finally sunk into the fact that all the crises pass and the stock market is recovering in The end., no matter how hopeless things looked back then, and it is true that the market recovered earlier than anyone predicted that it rose in late March and passed its pre-Covid peak in August. Even when the Corona virus has shown little sign of slowing down, it turned out that the recovery started about eight months before news of a highly effective vaccine arrived on hand and it would soon begin to be distributed. Possibility to enter at lower prices, they now face a difficult choice The market is near 60% Higher than its March low, so going back means facing a costly mistake, let's say you had 100000 $ in the market at the pre-coronavirus peak and you sell in the middle of roughly, and recovered approximately 83000 $ if you stayed in the market, you would have about 107000 $ today, be near 30% more money than when you had trouble swallowing, but the alternative is the worst temptation to stubbornly wait for the market to return to its lowest levels. And, a day that may never come during the financial crisis, the market turned to a sharp rise in March 2009, although it was not yet clear that the collapse of the financial system would warn that when it all came several months later, the market has grown by about 60%. Until October, you look familiar? Investors who abandoned their stocks during the financial crisis faced the same choice as modern day deserters: those who jumped again after the crisis more than tripled their money despite buying back at a price that seemed exorbitant at the time. While those who have waited for the elusive return of the ideal are still waiting, there are countless other examples with one rare exception, when the market comes out of the depths of the crisis, this is a sign that he has progressed, even if some investors did not, chances are the market has moved away. Covid-19, and investors should also: The next time – and yes, there will be again – investors tend to get rid of their stocks during the crisis, they shouldn't focus on the exit but the return should clarify the wisdom of staying put No one can anticipate the bottom in advance. Means that the start of the school year will be too early, either too late and too early Unrealistic If you tend to run for the exit when the market is down 20%, it is likely that you will not be in the mood to buy when the ratio is down 30% or more. This leaves an alternative: buy late, problem some investors are currently facing. It is better to avoid this pitfall completely by continuing to invest. For the time being, those who have gone out should realize that there won't be a better time to come back, at least a moment that can be known. This column does not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board or Bloomberg LP and the owners, Hanir Kessar is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion covering the markets and is the founder of Unison Advisors, an asset management company that worked as a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell and advisor at Ernst & Young. For more articles like this, please visit us at Bloombergcom. / Opinion Join now to stay on top with the most trusted source of business information © 2020 Bloomberg Element

Among the Dow Jones stocks, Apple and Microsoft are among the best stocks to buy and watch in November 2020

Les actions d’Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Inc. reached new highs on Monday after the CEO of the company said she expects continued growth in the PC market after the pandemic boom and a better first quarter of the season in 2021 for the chipmaker.

Nicola Canceled Plan To Build Badger Electric Pickup In Significantly Reduced Partnership Agreement With General Motors

Every week, Benzinga conducts opinion poll to find out what traders are most interested in, interested or who they think about when they manage and build their personal portfolios.We interviewed a group of over 300 investors to find out if Nio shares (NYSE: NIO) or Xpeng (NYSE) XPEV: will increase the most from here 2025 About 67% of traders and investors said Nio shares will rise the most over the next five years., the Shanghai-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Continues to Attract Investor Attention Due to Significant Profit Growth Nio Reported Higher Results Compared to Third Quarter Consensus, through robust deliveries and margin improvements, income increased by 1464% from one year to the next and 217% in sequential 666 million dollars compared to the turnover of 262 million dollars from last year, and the company also released a strong forecast for the fourth quarter, declared nearly 33% respondents. In the survey, Xpeng shares to rise further over the next five years A reader of our study expressed confidence in XPeng's ability to establish itself as a leader in the low-wear electric vehicle market. «XPeng pursues the biggest and cheapest market as a direct competitor of Tesla and, Therefore, they will probably have the greatest opportunity during 5 years, as this huge part of the market in China is growing and turning into an EV» of a good compact EV product. And as inexpensive as the XPeng range could grow in Europe and the United States, as these regions move more aggressively towards electric vehicles assuming they can continue to beat Tesla in terms of price and offer comparable quality, XPeng could become Kia's EV version as soon as it enters service. market “This survey was conducted by Benzinga in November 2020 and included responses from a diverse group of adults from 18 years or more who subscribe to the survey on a completely voluntary basis, without any incentives provided to potential respondents. The study reflects the results of more than 300 tips. See more Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga option offers * Will Boeing or Airbus shares rise from here 2025? * Will Oracle or IBM stocks rise further from here 2025? (C) 2020 does not provide benzinga investment advice All rights reserved

Advanced Micro Devices Break Through Resistance Monday Here's How To Trade Stocks As December Approaches

Gold bears still under heavy pressure at the first trading session of the week in London

The so-called «universal deduction for charities» allows uncategorized people to claim a tax credit of up to 300 $ when they declare their taxes in 2021. Charitable donations are tax deductible, but taxpayers can only claim a deduction from their federal income taxes if they itemize the expenses eligible for the deduction. Besides charitable donations, these expenses include medical costs, mortgage interest and national and local taxes (until 10 000 $).

The energy index S&P 500 increased by 275% last week amid widespread anticipation of a global economic recovery

As the year draws to a close, optimistic news is mounting in the energy sector, offering a host of great offers to watch this holiday season

After the road tour of 2020, where is the market going from here? Great strides have been made in the race for COVID-19 vaccines, but the short term picture is still not clear, due to the resurgence of the virus and the halt in stimulus measures at Capitol Hill. At that time, large investors can be a source of inspiration, like the israeli billionaire “Easy” Englandermen is exactly Englander? The legend, who started trading stocks when he was in high school, started his career as a coach at investment firm Oppenheimer, then moved to buy a seat on the US stock exchange, where he worked as a broker, trader and specialist. 1989, Englander and Ronald Scheer founded the Hedge Fund Millennium Management as proof of its proven track record, the teacher won 35 million dollars and turned it into more than 40 billion dollars in assets under management with a personal net worth of 7 billions of dollars, not surprising. Let Wall Street be careful when Englander steps in with this in mind, we focused on the latest Millenium 13F file, which reveals that the fund rebounded in Q3 securing two bars in particular, TipRanks revealed that the two names are getting consensus. Analyst «Strong Buy» Moreover, analyst community sees huge in-store upside potential for every G1 Therapeutics (GTHX). By providing an in-depth understanding of cancer biology and extensive experience in drug discovery, G1 Therapeutics works to develop treatments that can improve the lives of patients battling the disease. Lethal before a major regulatory decision is made, street beats the table with that name In the third quarter, Englander and Millennium bought a new stake in GTHX by pulling the trigger on 555937 actions, the holding value amounts to 6421000 countries Speaking to the analyst community, Chad Facilitator of Needham tells clients he has high hopes for the PDUFA date of 15 February for trilaciclib, a treatment designed to improve the outcome of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy. NDA approved for treatment in August for priority review based on results from three randomized clinical cancer studies. Small cell lung (SCLC), FDA indicating that it does not schedule an advisory committee meeting (AdComm) since trilaciclib is the first inhibitor of CDK4 / 6 to be used to treat bone marrow toxicity induced by chemotherapy, argues Messer. That the absence of AdComm «to a sense», explained in this regard, «we believe this reflects the agency’s assessment of unmet needs, its comfort with a safety profile of the CDK4 category / 6 and an efficacy profile of trilaciclib. GTHX will also focus on the inclusion of trilaciclib in the NCCN guidelines. Third in the pivotal study evaluating a candidate with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) which should start by the end of the year Adding to the good news, GTHX and partner Boehring prepare Ingelheim for commercial launch of trilaciclib, where the companies cover approximately 2500 oncologists and provide educational material regarding the use of trilaciclib before treatment and the benefits of the multi-preservative strain If that is not enough, Rintodestrant (a selective estrogen receptor analyzer (SERD)) is in development for the treatment of estrogen hormone receptor positive breast cancer) in addition to studying the combination palbociclib was able to complete the recording earlier than expected, reflecting «the appeal of the all-oral treatment regimen during a global pandemic», the advice of a facilitator on reading the data planned for the second quarter of 2021, the analyst believes that ” A positive reading could be an important value factor. In accordance with his optimistic approach, the facilitator reiterated the purchase note and the target price of 74 $, indicating a probability of an increase of 417% (to view a message recording, click here) Do the other analysts agree? They only posted buy reviews, 3 to be exact, in the last three months, the message is therefore clear: GTHX is a strong buy given the average target price of 59 $, stocks could increase by 312% next year (see the analysis GTHX share on TipRanks) Epizyme (EPZM) also fights cancer, as well as against other serious diseases, Epizyme is keen to find new treatments with new epigenetic drugs even as the company faces headwinds over its recent product launches, many members believe The Street shows there are great things in the stock: Millenium bought 461 258 actions during the third quarter, and the purchase reflects a new position for the hedge fund. As to the holding value, she falls to 5 503 000 $. In his book for Wedbush, the analyst 5 star David Nierengarten noted. Indicates that the outbreak has had limited visits to oncologists and that, Therefore, Tazverik sales (the treatment of society's follicular lymphoma) were below expectations and indicates that “the epidemic turns the launch curve into a” incidence model “instead of a current model Char, because there is a limited group of patients who can be used if they delay office visits, because patients wait for treatment until they experience symptoms of progression., although the release is hypothetical and the consciousness of the doctors is raised, doctors are reluctant to prescribe a new drug without examining the patient personally. However, Nierengarten remains optimistic about the cure: «Despite these headwinds, Tazverik is on the verge of meeting our estimates and gaining market share, especially by seeing the initial sales in the second line.» The analyst explained that we expect significant second-line sales to start in 2021, and we have gradually integrated it into the launch curve Regarding the duration of treatment, Nierengarten argues that it is too early to draw conclusions, but it highlights the fact that the durability of the response was relatively long and that the patients were treated with previous advances in the scoring study. »Moreover, the winds against the switching of treatments change. Support the maintenance winds of Tazverik once a patient undergoes treatment, which is likely to contribute more significantly to second semester income 21 and the potential to exceed potential income. To sum it all up, Nierengarten commented: «At current levels, we think investors are very negative about the potential of Tazverik. Patience must be rewarded “Based on all of the above, Nierengarten stands with the bulls, repeating the outperformance rating and the target price of 27 $. This goal expresses confidence in EPCA's ability to 122% next year (to see the Nierengarten record, click here) most analysts others echo Nierengarten's sentiments 3 purchases and 1 contract add to a strong consensus rating to buy with an average target price of 23 25 $, the upside potential is 91% (See the analysis of EPZM shares on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading health stocks with attractive valuations, visit the best stocks to buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all stock information for TipRanks Disclaimer: opinions in this article are those of analysts only. Premium content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

5G, Swisscom, MiFi et Inseego

News – THAT – Inseego 5G MiFi® M2000 is now available in Switzerland on Swisscom's 5G Nationwide network


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