Sports Guild, the David Beckham esports organization, enters the Fortnite scene with Henrik Hein McLean, 15 years.

Although he may have lost some popularity, players still flock to Fortnite – in terms of casual play and trying to get into professional gameplay

Those who impress can find themselves on the radar of esports establishments around the world – especially if they can build a good customer base on social networks while winning the tournament.

In the case of Guild, they have already signed Nikolaj “Flick” Andreas Frøslev who is a hit on various Cash Cup and FNCS events, but they also expand their list by adding Henrik “Hen” Mclean

The player of 15 years, which previously played under the slogan Become Legends, managed to claim fame in a few different Cash Cups while also coming close to the Fortnite Championship Series.

The Lithuanian-born footballer quickly established himself as a rising star on the British and European stage, gathering a large following on Twitter and Twitch

Hen said: “I am really happy to work with Guild, with the guys I followed before starting my professional career” “It was great to meet a team with the same determination that I feel, and I can't wait to show my skills and compete as a Guild member”

As to why Guild started signing with Hen, Grant Rousseau, Guild Sports Director, said: «To participate in the Fortnite Pro scene, you need the best talent and an endless amount of skill to add Hen to our list, we have taken another bold step in the creation. Truly Awesome Team We look forward to testing our growing team »

Fortnite’s Guild expansion shows they won't be heading to Battle Royale anytime soon. For their next move, we said they wanted Team CS: GO, but we just have to watch this

The IEM Global Challenge has come and gone, Astralis becoming the winner and taking the lion's share of 500 000 $ This is how the event evolved

Astralis won 200 000 $ and 3 000 breath points, protruding from 9 363 points Team Vitality (9300) at the top of Blast Arena.

Better late than never! Many have canceled BIG on their way to the IEM Global Challenge, seeing them as nothing more than Chaos' replacement, but the Germans came to play despite Vitality's convincing victory in their Inferno card selection (16-7), a victory of 19-17 on Vertigo and 16-13 victory over Nuke It was enough to beat world number one

It was as usual for Australis and Navi, who went beyond complexity and Nephi to bring them closer to qualifications

“The problem with Na'Vi is a flamie…” 👀RewisReports gives its opinion on the #CSGO giants

The day started with a cool performance, cool and collected from Team Liquid, who defeated Heroic 2-0 – 16-11 in Inferno and 16-14 on Nuke, their shock of the day 1 with a vitality disentangling the complexity, taking nuke 16-9 Before taking control of Dust2 16-3

The tournament's first playoff game took place on BIG Road, who scored a key overtime win over Vertigo (22-19), before returning to Dust 2 to take the card 16-10

The Brazilian weathered the storm against heroism as the Danish team managed to maintain high competition in the opening two matches (sending Nuke to triple overtime), FURIA won a Group B playoff game with a proven performance on Vertigo 16-4 – sending heroic packs to both Seventh and Eighth centers

Navi advanced to the playoffs with a quick win 2-0 on Liquid Team After the game, s1mple said he was relieved to beat the Americans, after getting their number in 2019 while his teammate Perfecto was the one who captured the first card over and over again, finished Serie s1mple with his dominant AWP performances on Nuke

“You can't stand that kind of heavy weight at this level «👀RewisReports is not impressed with the performance of TwistzzIEM

Astralis got rid of Team Vitality's best dogs to secure their place in the Playoff Although Misutaaa was strong outside the gate, the Danes ignored the loss of a card and won the Series 2-1

FURIA went against Team Liquid as the top contender to compete for fourth and final place in the playoffs, Jonathan “Eligi” Jablonovsky and the rest of Liquidonovsky rallied to secure the semi-final match against a big glitzy formation

Saturday’s semi-finals got off to a good start with Na’Vi’s clash with Astralis Although s1mple & co fought, with Nuke (16-9), it was not enough to beat the Danish powerhouse, who hit his ticket to the final by beating Inferno (16-13) and Train (16-11)

Team Liquid dismissed BIG in half despite Jake's troubles “Stewie2k” Yip Mouse in the middle of the series, Liquid looked unstoppable as EliGE scored 1136 ADR and 61 decisive attacks

Fluid couldn't keep up with the dynamic duo of Astralis at Device & Dupreeh, taking second place after a loss of 16-10

The teams were divided into two groups. The top two in each group advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday. It should be noted that Complexity played with Otto “ottoNd” Sihvo as a replacement, after valentine “Poizon” Vasilev was absent.

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News – THAT – Exclusive: Guild Esports Expands Fortnite List With Rising Star Hen – Right
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Guild Esports Sign Hen as a Second Fortnite Player
Exclusively: Guild Esports expands Fortnite roster with rising star hen
Guild Esports Adds New High Level Player to Team Fortnite


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