TIDAL HD Music Streaming Service announced that it has added millions of new MQA tracks to its Warner catalog. Music Collection New tracks will be added to TIDAL's Masters catalog that subscribers can now listen to, which includes featured albums by artists like The Notorious B, Missy Elliott, LCD Soundsystem, Madonna and many others

MQA is a company run by Bob Stewart This year, Stewart became the first sound engineer to receive the Prince Philip Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for pioneering a whole new way of encoding digital audio based on fundamental information about how humans hear. sound The key to the technology is MQA's built-in authentication which confirms that the listener gets the same sound that was created in the recording studio when the track was originally recorded.

When analog audio is converted to digital files, the process introduces temporal smear defects which can distort sounds abnormally. MQA seeks to resolve these issues, then the MQA decoder included in the TIDAL application converts the file to analog audio called MQA It preserves the original clarity of the music

In a press release announcing the expansion of TIDAL's offering to Masters, Stewart explained: «By paying close attention to the nature of sound and how we hear it, MQA opens a clear window and presents all the details and nuances of the original Song version The music industry catalog contains millions of important offers from The early days of the CD where the recording was sometimes created at 441 kHz 16 bits and where there is no alternative We are pleased that Warner Music Group is providing this content to TIDAL “

TIDAL increases the number of songs it offers in MQA on the TIDAL Masters service thanks to a [] new contract with Warner Music

«TIDAL Masters Delivers the Best Sound Available While Raising Consumer Expectations for High Quality Experiences, TIDAL's sound innovation sets standards for listening to music», dĂ©clare Lior Tipone, director of operations at TIDAL, «Members can't just hear the music exactly as it was recorded by their favorite artists. But with the recent enhancements to the platform, the experience is smoother than ever »

In response to subscribers' requests to make it easier to listen to and discover other MQA-format master tracks, TIDAL “Master Edition” added Artist Radio et Track Radio. TIDAL members can now listen to radio stations in the highest quality available that contain only master songs in parallel, adds TIDAL flagship edition of My New Arrivals, a personalized playlist of new music in Full HD audio, based on the subscriber's listening habits

Another advantage of MQA is that it creates smaller audio files that use less bandwidth when streaming. This allows high fidelity music to be consumed even over cellular networks. MQA Packages Provide High Quality Sound For Music Lovers, making MQA files more accessible to listeners while browsing, using any headset

TIDAL recently launched the new TIDAL Connect feature, which allows users in the HiFi subscriber category to connect directly to devices from audio manufacturers such as: Bluesound, Cambridge Audio, DALI, KEF, iFi audio, Lyngdorf, Monitor, NAD and Naim audio from TIDAL Connect, the transparent sound quality of the platform can be heard on the user's preferred device with the push of a button

TIDAL has the largest MQA catalog outside of China. Moreover, subscribers have unlimited access to a catalog of over 70 million songs in all musical genres, in addition to the thousands of playlists curated by the TIDAL editorial team


I have been a technical journalist for over 36 years and wrote for Mac and PC computer titles and spent many years writing about audio, photography and

I have been a technical journalist for over 36 years and wrote for Mac and PC computer titles in addition to spending many years writing about audio, photography and digital cameras for a range of technical publications. I love all aspects of technology, especially using tools that make life more fun, creative and productive. I spend much of my time researching and testing some of the best and most innovative technologies on the market today.

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News – THAT – Millions of MQA tracks arrive at Warner Music's TIDAL masters

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2020/11/12/millions-of-mqa-tracks-coming-to-tidal-masters-from-warner-music/

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