Vaio has just returned to the Indian market with two new laptops including the Vaio E15 and the Vaio SE 15 VAIO to launch tablets in India, and these tablets will not be linked to the Sony era of Vaio tablets

New Delhi: Vaio has just returned to the Indian market with two new laptops including the Vaio E15 and the Vaio SE 15 Return is made possible with the help of Nexstgo, the licensee of the brand

Sima bhatnagar, regional sales director (South Asia) and regional general manager (in), Nexstgo Limited in an exclusive interview with BGR to reveal the company's plan to celebrate Vaio's return to the country also revealed many exclusive details on upcoming Vaio products and imagine what ? There is something exciting about cooking at Nexstgo

Bhatnagar has confirmed the expansion of the tablet line in the future. I am sure it will be an exciting piece for many consumers, because it will arouse nostalgia., you shouldn't be very happy yet because Bhatnagar said that the tablet launch project in India will take a long time. Some time, almost six months to roughly plot the schedule

She also added that these tablets will not be linked to the era of Sony's Vaio tablets.. The company has not made a decision on the operating system (Android or Windows) of these tablets.

For the moment, the company wants to focus on launching new Vaio laptops every month in the country. Bhatnagar revealed that some upcoming laptops will include the E14 series, SX and others.

I further pointed out that the target audience of Vaio in India will be young people. Personally, I believe many older generations also want to get their hands on these laptops not just out of nostalgia, but also for good specifications, sleek design and portability

It looks like the pandemic hasn't been too bad for the company unlike many other tech giants on a Zoom call, Bhatnagar said apart from the delays in deliveries, the company did not face a crisis by introducing and selling the Avita and Nexstgo laptops, she expects the same. However, for laptops that also carry the Vaio brand, she added that the brand had so far delayed the launch of the Vaio due to logistical issues and shutdowns.

We learned that next month, the company will launch new Vaio laptops equipped with 11th generation Intel Core processors. Currently, it launched laptops based on Ryzen mobile processors 5000 and an older generation Intel Core i5 processor

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News – THAT – After the launch of laptops, VAIO plans to launch tablets in India within the next six months


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