NASA announced on Tuesday, December 1 that a mysterious object is heading towards Earth. If scientists, at this stage, exclude any influence of the object on our planet, they are nevertheless surprised, unable to determine its exact nature

Called “2020 SO”, this unknown celestial body was first observed last September over Hawaii, during an observation by the Pan-STARRS telescope

Based on the island of Maui, one of the islands that make up this archipelago of the United States, this telescope has the privacy of observing a large part of the sky almost continuously

full of the latest technologies, but has so far failed to inform astronomers of the exact origin of “2020 SO”, forcing them to construct various hypotheses on this object with a width ranging from 4 at 45 and 10 meters and go to only 50000 kilometers from the ground

In response to a question from several media, dont CNN, Paul Chodas, director of NASA for the Near Earth Object Study Center, assumed that “2020 SO” would be the remnant of a rocket sent into space on a lunar mission, and not an asteroid. Or “a normal body” at all

«2020 SO could be the trigger for the Centaur missile launched on 20 September 1966, during the Surveyor 2 lunar mission», pointed out the scientist at the US channel for ongoing information.

If this assumption turns out to be correct, “2020 SO” would not be the first debris from a previous space mission, even if she was far away, in Earth orbit with the risk of getting there To plant

So, in 2002, debris from the Saturn V missile for the Apollo mission 12 were found very close to the blue planet in general, it is now established that Earth's orbit is now overloaded with debris, causing a veritable dump that floats above our heads With it, scientists decided to work on a way to “clean up space”

This is particularly the case for starting ClearSpace from the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne, created a dedicated program, “Adrios” (Active Debris Removal / In-Orbit Service), and work on solutions with ESA

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News – WITH – A UFO is heading towards Earth, NASA is following in the footsteps
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A mysterious object heading towards Earth, NASA's advanced tracks
A mysterious celestial body is heading towards Earth, NASA is on its way
– <a href="/?s=Un astronome prend une photo possible du propulseur Centaur de longue date de la NASA et l'astronome capture la photo d'une fusée Centaurus de la NASA depuis longtemps perdue
– <a href = "/? S = Nasa announces that & # 39; UFO will frequent Earth Tuesday December 1, la NASA a annoncé qu'un OVNI fréquentera la Terre mardi 1er décembre
NASA detects a UFO s& # 39; From Earth
– <a href = "/? S = L'espace annational est href =" /? S = Annova Les scientifiques ne savent toujours pas ce qu'est c& # 39;
a mysterious asteroid d& # 39; Of unknown origin will graze the land on Tuesday, December 1, but nobody knows


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