Xbox President, Phil Spencer, said console games are becoming a “smaller and smaller percentage” of the Eval Global Play Space ([336,280],’ betanews_fr-box-3 ‘,’ ezslot_1 ’, 124,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]));

Speaking to The Guardian on how Microsoft is viewed as Sony's main competitor, Spencer noted that there are around three billion players in the world, but there is only about 200 Million Households With A Video Game Console That Those Who Believe Still Fighting In Console Wars Doesn't Follow

Spencer told the Guardian: “I think the people who want us to take on Sony on the basis of who has sold the most consoles lose the context of the current game.” However, Spencer always likes to compete with Sony and Nintendo because at the end of the day, the three companies are in common. One thing in common: they want to create good games, improve games and see the industry grow

«I love to compete with Sony and Nintendo because I know why they are in this space, and they have been here for decades», Spencer said “ And yes, we will compete like crazy, but we all also know it's about making great games that people can play.»Eval ((336 280), ‘betanews_fr-box-4’, ‘Ezslot_2’, 125, ‘0’, ‘0’));

Elsewhere, Spencer said Microsoft will no longer talk about console sales and the number of Xbox units sold and said the company is focused on increasing its player base on Xbox and PC. “We publicly disclose the number of players. “This is what I want to be the motivation behind us, not the number of plastic parts we sell”

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