So, it may not be a surprise that scientists at the European Space Agency have teamed up with NASA as part of a joint project to explore how the huge, dark balls of rock could be deflected if they were heading for our planet.

And as of Tuesday, ESA has now signed a $153.8 million contract with German space and technology group OHB, to cover the production of a spacecraft set to be called Hera, after the Greek goddess of marriage.

Hera will act alongside NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirect Test, or DART – which is due to launch in June 2021.

DART will be set on a collision course with the Dimorphos asteroid satellite that orbits the larger Didymos asteroid, to test whether it would be possible to nudge objects that might be threatening Earth onto a safer path.

Hera will map the resulting impact crater and measure the asteroid’s mass – reaching the Didymos system in late 2026 for a six-month survey.

If the NASA mission succeeds, ESA said it would be the first celestial body to be deliberately shifted by a human craft.

Director of Technology for ESA, Franco Ongaro, says although asteroids aren’t an immediate threat, preventative measures should be put in place should they suddenly become one.

“Yes, it can be one in a million but if that one is tomorrow then you are in trouble. What we know is that it will happen again and it continuously happens. We get tons of material falling from the sky falling onto earth. Luckily three-quarters of the Earth is covered by water and a large part is also desert or ice, but that is luck. That is not a scientific way to approach the problem.”

Dimorphos has a diameter of almost 525 feet – which is about the width of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

ESA says that’s big enough to destroy an entire city if it were to hit Earth.

Its spacecraft, Hera, will only be the size of a desk, and should navigate autonomously around the asteroid while it collects data.

The government has given itself two weeks to make its ‘rule of sixlaw work before reimposing tougher lockdown measures, according to a report.

Test your geographical knowledge of the United Kingdom with 15 visual questions on the locations of towns and cities.

You wouldn’t think that something as grim as death could be so funny, but these headstones prove that comedy can make any situation a little brighter.

Staff at a coronavirus testing site in Twickenham have told the public they can jump the queue for a local swab by pretending they live in Aberdeen. Entering a postcode 400 miles from the testing site at Twickenham stadium allows people to book a test near their homes, but local people who are honest about their address have been told they must travel hundreds of miles to another centre. Matt Hancock on Tuesday urged the public not togame the systemby changing their postcode to receive a local test, but could not explain why it worked.

In our technology-centered world, sometimes leaving a good old-fashioned note for your kids can be the most effective method for

Labour’s Angela Rayner also took a swipe at Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings as she deputised at Prime Minister’s Questions.

SHOTLIST BRUSSELS, BELGIUMSEPTEMBER 16, 2020SOURCE: EBSRESTRICTIONS: NO RESALE 1. SOUNDBITE 1 – Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission (female, English, 46 sec): “It cannot be unilaterally changed, disregarded or disapplied. This a matter of law, trust and good faith. And that is not just me saying it. I remind you of the words of Margaret Thatcher. I quote: ‘Britain does not break Treaties. It would be bad for Britain, bad for relations with the rest of the world, and bad for any future treaty on trade.End of quote. This was true then, and it is true today. ” ///———————————————————–AFP TEXT STORY: leadEU chief says Brexit deal ‘cannot be changedby lawBrussels, Sept 16, 2020 (AFP) – EU chief Ursula von der Leyen complained Wednesday that hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal are fading and warned Britain not to unilaterally modify the withdrawal deal.With every day that passes, chances for a timely agreement do start to fade,” the president of the European Commission said in her annual State of the European Union address.Negotiations are always difficult, and we are used to thatBut talks have not progressed, as we would have wished. And that leaves us very little time.Von der Leyen warned the attempt by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to override parts of the withdrawal treaty he signed last year is illegal and unacceptable.This withdrawal agreement took three years to negotiate,” she said. “And we worked relentlessly on it line by line word by word, and together we succeeded.”The result “guarantees our citizens rights, financial interests, the integrity of the single market and crucially, the Good Friday Agreement,” she said. The European Union and Britainjointly agreed it was the best and only way to ensure peace on the island of Ireland. And we will never backtrack on that,” von der Leyen said.And this agreement has been ratified by this house and by the House of Commons,” she told the European Parliament.It cannot be unilaterally changed disregarded or misapplied. This is a matter of law and trust and good faith.dc/pdw/spm

Britain offered tentative concessions on fisheries in trade talks with the European Union last week, two diplomatic sources told Reuters, just as London was publicly threatening to breach the terms of its divorce deal with the bloc. The sources, who did not attend last week’s talks between the sideschief negotiators but were briefed on them by the EU negotiating team, described the offer as a possible bid by London to overcome a key obstacle to a new trade deal from 2021.

If they were able to take a test and find they do not have the virus they could return to work immediately. The Department for Education says 99.9% of schools opened at the start of term. But their figures show 8% of state funded schools were partially closed. And pupil attendance rates have fallen to 88%, down from 95.3% last year. Like hundreds of schools across the country, Coleshill Heath Primary School has had to ask some pupils to isolate after a confirmed case of COVID-19. Susan Venables has a daughter in year 4 who is off school and another daughter in year 1 who still has to go in.

They’re the bizarre, novelty, one-off records which occasionally capture the public’s imagination and hit the Number One spotbut how much do you know about the UK’s one-hit wonders?

These cams are consistently on the clock, waiting for the perfect “shot” of trail cam photos, especially during hunting season

Cyprus is ready to engage in talks with Turkey to resolve differences but onlywithout blackmail and threats”, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Wednesday. The two countries are locked in a dispute over drilling rights in the Mediterranean, and Turkey said on Tuesday it had extended a drilling vessel’s operations in disputed waters off Cyprus until Oct. 12. “Nicosia has been always ready for a dialogue but for thatto be effective, it needs to be clearly defined based on international law, without blackmails or threats,” Anastasiades said after talks in Nicosia with European Council President Charles Michel, who chairs EU summits.

The production of Coronation Street was disrupted after an actor tested positive for coronavirus.The cast member discovered they had Covid-19 at the end of last week.

The film was a landslide at the box office and was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, but behind the scenes things were

Australia has named China in a court document as the foreign state under investigation by police in its first foreign interference investigation, though Beijing dismissed the allegation as an anti-China smear. Ties between Australia and its biggest trading partner have been plagued over recent years by Australian complaints of Chinese interference in its politics. China has consistently denied the accusations.

Changing your hair color is always a big decision, and with dozens of options jumping out at you every day – like “champagne pop” and “honey blond” – deciding on just one fall hair-color transition might be a little tough. But if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that there’s an easier way of determining these things that don’t involve much trial and error: your zodiac sign. Your astrological sign says a lot about you: what you’re like, what people might experience when they’re around you, and in general, the best words that describe your personality, but we think it’s also a great tool to use when determining what color to dye your hair. If your Instagram feed and a constant barrage of insider hair-trend knowledge isn’t doing much to help you narrow down a hue, keep reading to see our predictions on what fall hair color you should try according to your zodiac sign.

Dr. Vincent Pedre has uncovered some startling research on the health risks over the counter medicines have on our insides


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World news – GB – New milestone for NASA-ESA asteroid defense

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