The universe is full of out-of-this-world sights, like eclipses and shooting stars, but something that is less easy to see (and understand, for that matter) is dark matter, which is what gives the universe its structure. Up until now, it has not been photographed; it doesn’t absorb or reflect light or interact with other space particles, making it virtually impossible to see. But according to CNN, scientists recently used the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile to find dark matter while studying 11 galaxy clusters. The experts were able to spot galaxies within the galaxy clusters, which are formed from small pockets of dark matter, they reported in their new Science study.

This discovery could help scientists determine if they are truly representing the universe correctly with simulations created on Earth. “Galaxy clusters are ideal laboratories to understand if computer simulations of the universe reliably reproduce what we can infer about dark matter and its interplay with luminous matter,” said Massimo Meneghetti, lead study author and adjunct professor at the National Institute for Astrophysics—Observatory of Astrophysics and Space Science of Bologna in Italy, in a statement.

These new findings are exciting, since they differ from current theoretical models about the distribution of dark matter in galaxy clusters. “We have done a lot of careful testing in comparing the simulations and data in this study, and our finding of the mismatch persists. One possible origin for this discrepancy is that we may be missing some key physics in the simulations,” Meneghetti added. This new data is likely more accurate, since the Hubble telescope allowed the team to spot and size the dark matter in these clusters, which helps them determine a galaxy’s total mass.

Priyamvada Natarajan, senior theorist on the research team and theoretical astrophysicist at Yale University, shared in a statement that while the current models mapped out on Earth haven’t detected dark matter precisely, more research can help scientists sharpen their understanding of this essential part of our universe. “This could signal a gap in our current understanding of the nature of dark matter and its properties, as these exquisite data have permitted us to probe the detailed distribution of dark matter on the smallest scales,” she said.

A 14-year-old hunter apparently fell asleep in a Michigan field before he was run over and killed by a corn chopper, police say. The boy was dropped off in a field in Chandler Township early Saturday so he could hunt, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Chandler Township is roughly 130 miles north of Detroit.

California Governor Gavin Newsom will meet privately with Donald Trump during the president’s West Coast campaign swing for a briefing on the still-raging wildfires that have scorched more than 3 million acres in the state. The president is scheduled to deliver remarks to the California National Guard, but first he will meet with the governor and emergency response officials for a briefing, according to reports. After the briefing, Governor Newsom will tour wildfire damage in the state.

The number of excess deaths in Russia between May and July was more than three times higher than the official coronavirus toll, recent government data show, a discrepancy some experts say raises questions about the accuracy of Moscow’s counting. While Russia has confirmed the world’s fourth largest tally of coronavirus cases, it has a relatively low death toll from the associated disease, COVID-19. Tatiana Golikova, the head of Russia’s coronavirus crisis centre, told President Vladimir Putin in late July that Russia’s coronavirus mortality rate wassignificantly lower than in a range of other countries”.

A satellite photo taken Saturday shows a pall of smoke from wildfires ravaging the West Coast stretching across the United States as far as Michigan. The National Weather Service weather prediction center posted the photo Saturday to Twitter. It shows dense smoke covering the Pacific Northwest and California, with a lighter band of smoke in the upper atmosphere stretching across the Midwest.

President Donald Trump appears to be in favor of an extracurricular debate against Joe Biden if the moderator is the podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Trump tweeted in favor of the notion Monday morning, despite the 2020 presidential debate moderators already being set, with the opening contest scheduled for September 29. Rogan has previously said he would vote for Trump over Biden and has speculated that Biden is suffering from some sort of cognitive decline.

News outlets in Los Angeles are demanding law enforcement drop charges and apologise for the arrest of a reporter following the shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in Compton, California. Local media coverage captured several officers pinning Josie Huang to the ground outside a hospital where two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies were being treated for gunshot wounds following anambushin Compton on Saturday night. Following a press conference, Ms Huang, reporting for LAist and NPR affiliate KPCC, was filming the scene as a small group of people heckled officers guarding St. Francis Medical Centre in Lynwood.

Astronomers have found a potential sign of life high in the atmosphere of neighboring Venus: hints there may be bizarre microbes living in the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of the hothouse planet. Two telescopes in Hawaii and Chile spotted in the thick Venutian clouds the chemical signature of phosphine, a noxious gas that on Earth is only associated with life, according to a study in Monday’s journal Nature Astronomy. Several outside experts — and the study authors themselves — agreed this is tantalizing but said it is far from the first proof of life on another planet.

Marine authorities were puzzling on Monday over how to persuade at least one wayward humpback whale to leave a murky, crocodile-infested river in northern Australia and continue an annual migration to Antarctica. There have been no previous recorded sightings of whales in East Alligator River in the Northern Territory’s World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, and no one can explain why at least three of the blue water mammals ventured so deep inland in a river with little visibility. Marine ecologist Jason Fowler said he spotted three whales on Sept. 2 while sailing with friends more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the river’s mouth.

During a brief press conference on Sunday evening, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) announced that state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (R) was involved in a fatal car accident on Saturday night. The crash took place west of Highmore, in central South Dakota, and Noem said law enforcement isworking on identifying the deceased and notifying the family.The accident occurred as Ravnsborg was driving home from a dinner hosted by the state GOP.

Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on February 11, 2019 in El Paso, Texas. While former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has been inundated with donations in recent months, reports indicate that President Donald Trump’s campaign is fearing a shortage of funds as November 3 draws closer. Republican officials have been inundated with calls from worried activists and donors who complain about constant Biden ads in their local media markets, with very few paid Trump responses, according to people familiar with the conversations.

Kenneth Walker has spoken out about the shooting of his girlfriend, Breonna Taylor, saying he can “no longer remain silent”. Taylor, a decorated Emergency Medical Technician, 26, was shot dead by police officers in her apartment on 13 March during a drug raid in connection to her ex-boyfriend. Mr Walker, who was at home with Taylor on the night she was killed, is “haunted” by the experience, Steve Romine, one of Mr Walkers attorney’s, told NBC News.

Connecticut filed a lawsuit on Monday against oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp for misleading the public over the impacts of climate change, becoming the latest state to target the fossil fuel industry for violating state consumer protection laws. The state’s attorney general William Tong filed the lawsuit in Connecticut’s Superior Court, alleging that Exxon violated the state’s unfair trade practices act, deceiving Connecticut consumers about what the company knew about fossil fuelsimpact on climate change.

A woman traveling from Fort Myers, Florida, to Chicago said she was escorted off her Southwest Airline flight on Saturday because her 2-year-old son was snacking prior to takeoff and wasn’t wearing his mask. Jodi Degyansky, 34, wants airlines to have more compassion for parents who have toddlers that might have difficulty donning their masks for a long time. Degyansky said she flew to Florida to visit her family in Naples.

President Trump’s Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, maintains a lead in Wisconsin, plus Trump’s three most likely pick-up opportunities — Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Nevada — a New York Times/Siena College poll shows. Biden was able to stay on top, the TimesNate Cohn notes, despite the Trump campaign’s renewed focus on law and order amid the sometimes-violent nationwide protests against police brutality that have taken place throughout the summer. Cohn says that voters in the four swing states are now split on whether the protests or the coronavirus pandemic are more important factors in determining their vote, and that Biden’s response to the demonstrations is lacking, which suggests Trump’s attacks on his competitor are registering.

Scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research are advancing a vaccine that may be able to prevent strains of the common cold in the future. But their immediate concern is the imminent flu season because nearly seven months since receiving their first samples of the novel coronavirus from a Washington state patient, they still don’t know whether catching the flu could increase the chances of getting COVID-19. When this virus emerged, it was sort of coming toward the tail end of the flu season.

Police are searching for two men in connection to a violent robbery outside a Manhattan hotel over the weekend.

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough onMorning JoeMSNBC MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasted Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel for defending President Donald Trump’s lies about his coronavirus response. The president was caught on tape admitting to Bob Woodward that he had purposefully downplayed the coronavirus, and the RNC chairwoman justified the revelation six months into a pandemic that has killed nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. “I understand because she’s been working for Donald Trump for as long as she has, and she doesn’t remember actually what it’s like when you have people like Mitt Romney, who actually tell the truth to the public and don’t think the public is stu

The claim: Jill Biden says all Americans will be required to learn Spanish if Joe Biden is elected president The former second lady and wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden taught English full-time at Northern Virginia Community College while her husband was vice president, according to its Facebook page. But Jill Biden appears to be actively courting Latino voters. The Washington Post reported on her outreach to Hispanic leaders — including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — to support her husband’s campaign.

Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, said on NBC News’ “Meet the Presson Sunday that there could be a spike in coronavirus cases this fall and that the US hasanother 12 to 14 months of a really hard road ahead.Osterholm said that while a COVID-19 vaccine could become available, it wouldn’t have ameaningfulimpact until 2021 at the earliest. Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious-disease expert, said Americans should expect tohunker downin the fall and winter.

Tropical Storm Sally is expected to strengthen into a category 2 hurricane as it approaches Louisiana, with governor John Bel Edwards to request a federal declaration from Donald Trump ahead of landfall on Tuesday. Hurricane-force winds, life-threatening storm surges and flash flooding is forecast for much of southeast Louisiana, as well as Mississippi’s coastal and southern regions. Mr Edwards said at a press conference on Sunday that Sally has shifted slightly west, bringing more of the state into its path, including parts of the New Orleans metro area.


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