Producing a Mustang like the electric Cobra 1400 is no easy task, and Ford details the great lengths the team went to in making this dragster deliver.

Amid the darkness that has been 2020, Ford and their partners at MLe Racecars, Watson Engineering, AEM-EV, and Cascadia Motion have been hard at work testing the limits of the Cobra Jet 1400. In the latest video released by Ford Performance, the team finally starts opening up a bit more about some of the details of their new EV powerhouse. In the video, Ford goes over a bit of their experiences charting into unknown territory with trying to convert a gas vehicle into the electric torque monster that is the Cobra Jet. How much torque you ask? Try 400 Nm per each of the 4 motors; or for those of us who aren’t familiar with the super complicated Metric system, 295 lb-ft, and a combined torque of 1,100 lb-ft.

The team quickly found out that putting all that torque to the ground was going to be their main struggle. The suspension of the previous Cobra Jet was a good place to start, but is just not designed to handle the instantaneous torque the motors are capable of delivering. Fortunately, through AEM software, the EV powertrain is extensively tunable, allowing the team to manage torque enough to retain traction and deliver the maximum power at any given time.

Although little is known about the suspension of the Cobra Jet 1400, Ford Performance’s Brian Novak gave a little insight into the fact that even though Ford Performance has developed the more than 1,000 hp Cobra Jet before, the manner of the torque delivery from the four motors meant that they had to go back to the drawing board and collect large amounts of data through multiple test runs in order to find a formula that works.

It’s very evident through the small snippets of behind the scenes (revealed throughout this video) that the Ford Performance team have fully tapped into the spirit of the glory days of the Motor City, and have only one goal: to make a legendary car that will outperform any competitor. It is clear that everyone involved understands just how important what they are doing really is, not just for Ford and its partners, but for the sport as a whole.

Obviously racing electric vehicles is no new task, however, as the commitment Ford has taken in creating the Cobra Jet 1400 is next level and is sure to change the game forever. The EV King Snake has already beaten the previous internal-combustion Cobra Jet, which was the best Ford Performance had to offer, and according to Jeff Lane of Hankook and Lane Racing, they’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Watch the video to see the team push this amazing vehicle even harder as they continue to reach for higher records.


Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, Ford Motor Company

World news – US – Mustang Cobra Jet 1400: Watch Ford Share The Electric Dragster’s Epic Origin Story

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