Fans of Falcom’s excellent Legend of Heroes series, rejoice – we’re getting more JRPG goodness on the Switch next year, thanks to the fact that The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 are both being released on Nintendo’s console.

These two titles – originally released on Sony systems in 2013 and 2014 respectively – will be joining the already-available Trails of Cold Steel III and Trails of Cold Steel IV (the latter of which is out on PS4 currently and comes to Switch early next year.)

The catch? They’re only confirmed for Japan at present, but given that the third and fourth games have been localised, there’s a good chance that we could see these come to western Switch consoles in time – the translation already exists, after all.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I is due out June 2021, while the second game is coming in July.

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Yes please! This is the main reason I’ve not picked up CSIII yet. Definitely up for this.

I only recently got into the Trails series with Trails of the Sky on PSP / Vita. Want to get the full background before diving into the Cold Steel saga. The added portability of Switch versions would be amazing for me!

The anime highschool theme in the first entry turned me off this series entirely. As I understand the later games don’t have that anymore but it’s not as if I can just jump into the succeeding entries either since I would assume there are some pretty critical story moments in the first game as well.

It’s a big reason on why I don’t think games should go for so many straight sequels, even moreso on genres like JRPGs which also tend to be some of the most time consuming games to beat.

I’m very happy for this, will get them in Japanese if not released in English.But now comes the part where I’ll sound super entitled butI really want Trails in the Sky too

They really should have done this earlier. I’m interested in trying the series but it made no sense to start with the third game so I passed on it when it released. I’ll probably give the first game a go when it releases, which I assume will have English support.

I picked up and played through the first entry on Vita this year but the second is expensive to get hold of in Europe physically, so I might watch what happens.

The PSP/Vita were handheld JRPG powerhouses with so many games like Persona 1-4, Final Fantasy 1-9/Tactics/Crisis Core, etc…. I found that RPGs were a great fit for handhelds because of the instant-on/play-anywhere aspect. (Smartphones seemed like they would be good for RPGs and I’ve enjoyed a couple of games but I usually dislike touch controls and gacha.) Now of course we are stuck at home but fortunately the Switch can connect to a TV (much like the PSP 2000 or the PSTV, come to think of it…)

Like many I was put off of III without the background of I and IIWill definitely give the first one a try, and if it’s half as good as people say, that’s a guaranteed 4 buys from me

They’ll for sure come to the west at some point. The big question is: why didn’t part 1 and 2 come out on the Switch before part 3? Or at least have all 3 launch around the same time (kind of like what No More Heroes is doing)?

Memories of Celcetta seems like it’d be very likely to get a Switch port. It’s the only Ys game that’s on PS4 but not yet on Switch.

Other than that, I’m not sure. I don’t really see Falcom porting, say, Oath in Felghanna or Ys Seven, but what I do know?

I was thinking of picking up 1 and 2 on the PS4 and 3 on the Switch, but with this news I’ll likely just wait to see if 1 and 2 get brought over to the west on Switch. Hopefully we get physical versions and it’s not just digital only.

I just spent 115 hours going through all the content of Cold Steel III. Really great series, I’m glad the older entries are coming to Switch for those who haven’t played them.

That being said, after beating Part III, I’m not sure I’m willing to wait for the Switch version of Part IV when the PS4 version is out now.

@RushDawg Yeah, Memories of Celceta is almost a given. I can see DotEmu bringing Ys I & II Chronicles+ and Ys: The Oath in Felghana to the Switch as well.

@JoeDiddley Same. It’s just like the Sword Art Online games on the Vita. It’s hard to find a copy of Hollow Fragment and it’s not on the PSN Store.

@RushDawg The big answer to your big question is licences. Still not guaranteed that we will get ToCS I and II in the West, as Xseed has the licence for those first two, while NIS has the licence for III and IV.

The mere fact that I and II are coming out in Japan, though, showing the porting process works, gives us hope over here!

YES. YES YES YES YEEEEEESSSSS. Please, please, PLEASE let these come west. I might even buy them myself for a second playthrough.

That doesn’t really answer my question though, since there isn’t a licensing issue in Japan. Why didn’t Japan get parts 1 & 2 first or simultaneously with the release of part 3? Not that it really matters anymore, it’s just a very odd way to port these games to Switch.

As for licensing issues in the West, XSEED, Nis and Falcon figured out how to make it work on the PS4 and I’m confident they’ll come to a similar agreement for the Switch.

Do you actually need to play part 1 & 2 first or is it more like Valkyria Chronicles? That its more a shared world and history but you don’t really need to play in chronological order to understand the story/reasons.

You’re right about the Japan licencebut who is behind the Switch ports there? Falcom doesn’t do any development for Switchwhich is why there was no news of Ys IX for Switch until NIS stepped in.

Maybe they were just testing the market with the most recent Cold Steel available, before jumping with both feet?

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