Moon Is Rusting, indication towards the presence of ‘hematite, while the Moon is considered to be airless i.e absence of atmosphere is found on the surface of the moon. But the current research makes an indication towards the presence of ‘hematite’, a form of rust that normally requires oxygen and water to make a presence. Now this sudden and unusual occurrence has left scientists completely puzzled.

While the Moon is known for its atmosphere less surface, the presence of oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) is known to be negligible. For years this has been believed as well as researched. But now the sudden occurrence of a rust namely ‘hematite’ which requires oxygen and water for its formation, is raising a lot of doubts and is dropping numerous big question marks on the prior research. The scientists are too confused and this seems to be a new big mystery. The red planet- Mars is quite familiar with the formation of rust. The iron minerals present in abundance on the planet, when reacted with hydrogen and oxygen then a formation of an oxide or rust takes place. Due to which the planet looks red contributing a lot to the name given.

Mars is known for being familiar with rust formation, but what’s surprising is the formation of hematite on the surface of the airless Moon. Well, this sudden occurrence has left scientists in a great dilemma. They are confused and constant research is going on for the same. It is quite evident that the Moon’s surface is littered with rocks rich in iron, but hematite is a form of iron oxide or rust that is produced when there’s an exposure of iron to oxygen and water. But the Moon is known to be airless and waterless, so how does this forming of rust take place?

Shuai Li, a scientist made a statement on the current ongoing dilemma. He said, ” It’s very puzzling, the Moon is a terrible environment for hematite to form in.” So for further clarification, Li made an effort to contact JPL scientists Abigail Fraeman and Vivian Sun to get confirm his discovery of this iron oxide called hematite.

To this Fraeman said “At first, I totally didn’t believe it. It shouldn’t exist based on the conditions present on the Moon. But since we discovered water on the Moon, people have been speculating that there could be a greater variety of minerals than we realize if that water had reacted with rocks.”

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World news – GB – Moon Is Rusting, a mystery, indication towards the presence of ‘hematite

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