Microsoft and Nintendo have collaborated a lot lately, but there are no guarantees moving forward, according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

When asked by Kotaku this week about the possibility of more Microsoft published games coming to other consoles – like the Nintendo Switch, Phil replied with the following:

“In order to really support it, I would want a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And that probably means things like Live and Game Pass and stuff.”

He made similar comments back in July last year to the German website Game Star and mentioned how the other competitive platforms weren’tinterestedin having thisfull Xbox experienceon their hardware.

Although there are no promises from Phil, he says Microsoft’s relationship with Nintendo is in a great state and every conversation so far has been easy. He even had a chat with NoA’s president Doug Bowser last week.

“We have a very good relationship with Nintendo. And I think we see our work very synergistically, in terms of trying to grow the market. And it just makes it easy. Every conversation we have with them has really been easy.”

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

I still can’t believe that Banjo & Kazooie became playable in Smash Ultimate. Even if Microsoft doesn’t offer much else for competing consoles, I’ll always be grateful to Phil Spencer for allowing that to happen.

@ecco6t9 That would be awesome. And they could. Since also PSN might go to Microsoft Azure. Switch online on Azure would be really sweet.

Something like, say, a Banjo Kazooie game would make sense and might even shift more copies on the Switch because of the difference in audience. Microsoft aren’t stupid.

But literally everything Microsoft is doing, from xCloud to buying Bethesda, is to build its Game Pass userbase. They’ve surely already had the Game Streaming on Switch conversation with Nintendo.

There was supposed to be something Halo in development for Switch, but we will not see that anytime soon.

They are just saying they are pulling back from publishing games on the switch to have more exclusives and justify the existence of their consoles.

If the series X/S fails, they’ll come back to Nintendo. At least Phil has some respect for Nintendo

We are NOT getting Halo: Infinite or Elder Scrolls VI, of course. But the third Wolfenstein is probably a lock, as is any new Minecraft or Ori content that comes our way.

(Could also see them port over legacy titles like the Halo games from Bungie as separate eShop releases.)

I would love to see the Switch considered an unofficial handheld Xbox in a sense, at least when it comes to Microsoft’s support.

BANJO and kazooie one the nintendo switch plz I don’t even care if they emulate like 3d all stars I just want to play them on the switch!

Perhaps it’s always been their plan or a result of being in third place. Either way, it’s gamers who win.

Stop with the PR BS and admit everything you’ve done is for game pass, they want it on Switch, they want to assimilate everything into the highly volatile world of games locked behind a subscription service that can pull games out at at any moment with their ultimate goal of these games only being available through cloud streaming to achieve the ultimate control which they were denied to do with the Xbox One.

IMO they shouldn’tthey are a company that needs push a new systemWhen Nintendo pushes a more power system maybe they will get 5 years old games that are side scrolling games

Xbox really has a lot of momentum right now. Glad to see after their disastrous console generation.

Rental video stores had movies removed all the time to make room for new movies, or were removed because noone rented them anymore.

It’s the same on Game Pass mostly. Games noone plays is removed there too, because they can’t keep funding a developer if noone wants to play their games.

If you had to choose between rare replay on the switch or rare games on a N64 mini, which would you choose?

Btw, I think there there is a chance at both once the hardware for a N64 is affordable.

@geordie That’s window dressing they aren’t don’t this out the goodness of their hearts for the consumer, it being so obviously unsustainable is an enormous red flag. Their ultimate goal is raising the price waaaaay up while locking games behind it which is something they obviously won’t be able to pull until 2-3 more years of baiting people.

Thanks for banjo in smash! Eventho i hope to see more in the future *coughing.. killerinstinct.

Dear Phil and Doug….. do you guys realize how hard you would steam roll any and all competition for the foreseeable future by allowing Xbox Live / Cloud access on Switch and vice versa? Holy crap, I, among many others, would LOVE to access even just past Xbox titles on switch, like Fallout 3/NV, or past Nintendo titles on Series X…..

@SalvorHardin I were only talking about rentals and not bying companies.Nothing changed on the rental front except for that you get far more value for the rental money now than you ever did in past decades.

@Ventilator The contract of rental was way more straight forward then any streaming service that comes these days. Yeah, you get more for your money but you don’t get to choose what it is you pay for specifically and even if the rental store planned on moving out an older game or movie, then they had to wait for you to finish your rental period. Imagine getting halfway through a game on game pass or such before it is removed and becomes completely dysfunctional.

As long as physical copies of games exist, I won’t have anything to do with online gaming at all. If we ever get to the point that everything is locked behind a subscription, I’ll continue to be satisfied knowing I [already] have 35 years worth of a library of MY OWN games that I can play anytime I want.

I’ll gladly settle for N64 games (from brands owned by Microsoft) coming to the Switch at the very least. There are many who would support the same.

Still waiting for that Master Chief fighter reveal for Smash Bros. Ultimate. He’s one of the few truly iconic and universally recognizable characters not already in the game in some form already. It makes too much sense not to happen.

Good relationship now, but might not be in a few years….I wish Gamepass existed 6-7 years ago. The reality is my backlog is my Gamepass for the foreseeable future….

MS wants to sell Xbox, so they’re doing what they can to attract people to the ecosystem. Exclusives do that, so I don’t expect or begrudge them for keeping games there. It’s really that simple.

@Ventilator I hope that was sarcasm because if you think Switch can’t emulate 360 games… then LMAO.

It would:1) expose the flaws in their online infrastructure even further2) expose the deficiencies of content provided by NSO3) reduce their cut from digital game distribution4) require complex legal agreements about revenue split, and lifetime return. Acquisition is the most expensive part of sales. Nintendo will want a lifetime stake in that customer, xbox will want a switch only stake

Its a bit of a nonsense statement really isn’t it, how do single player games for example benefit at all from Xbox Live? Whilst many gamers still want to buy their games making Gamepass largely irrelevant to them. I have Gamepass because it cost me £1 but I’ve still bought more games for Xbox than I’ve played on that service this year

Makes sense. They want everyone on gamepass and that ain’t gonna happen if your glued to a switch.

@sanderev Yeah, because Nintendo certainly don’t expect us to buy proprietary hardware to play their games

The Xbox series S looks nice for a 2nd room but I can’t get that as well as a switch and a ps5. Xbox has always been 3rd choice for me, so I have never owned one.

@fafonio considering you need a pretty beefy pc to even emulate 360 on pc, no, a switch can’t emulate 360 games

You dont seem to understand that emulators have extra overhead from pretending to be a console it isn’t

The reason we got Cuphead, Super Luckys Tale and the Ori’s on the Switch was because they didn’t really find an audience on XBox, and fitted better into Ninty’s ecosystem- they’re essentially indie titles anyway. We aren’t getting Halo or Forza because of this.

Will MS keep funding these sorts of games if they aren’t popular enough on XB? Dubious.

Given how much of my Gaming time is now on Xbox because of Game Pass, the Xbox One X (I have a Series X preordered) and Backwards Compatibility the dream for me is GPU/Xcloud coming to Switch. There must be a way to make the Business Model work for both sides.

I think it would take a lot of effort. Emulating the old Speccy games would be no bother, the NES games already have an emulator and you’d think N64 is something Nintendo would want to do at some point anyway. However the 360 games are emulated, using the Tech MS designed for their BC Program. So those costs are partly sunk elsewhere.

In contexts like these, you don’t get to expect anythingeach new port is up to both parties and can only be a nice surprise. Although as someone keeping his fingers diligently crossed for Dishonored franchise on Switch, I do want to hope that GamePass won’t somehow become an obligatory contract clause for the games that have already been multiplatform for years prior.😏

@Kalmaro I wonder if he tipped his hat about the new Nintendo Switch coming out by that comment (in relation to its hardware upgrade being able to handle gamepass library)?

@Doktor-Mandrake the Rare Replay emulator runs on the software. You’re not running the emulator within the hardware and consuming specs.

Two different things. If you think Switch can’t run the 360 games included in the collection, you’re totally wrong.

@Ventilator I’m not even going to research on this and just go off of logic. If the Switch is able to handle a port of a PS4/Xbox One, how would it not be able to emulate PS3/Xbox 360 games? I hope you were joking.

X-Cloud for the Switch, Nintendo gets a load of Titles and Microsoft a portable Device to use their Ultimate Gamepass

@shazbot Yeah, but a man can dream! Lol. Would be epic, if extremely unlikely. Could you imagine the shockwaves that would cause? Internet would probably implode for a day or two…. Zag would be shivering every time he visited Asphodel! 🤣

You need a Xbox One to emulate Xbox 360 and that barely worked without alot of struggle. You even need a powerful PC to emulate it.I hope you don’t think Switch have the same hardware as a Xbox One or a gaming PC.

@fafonio What you are saying is that Switch have the power of Xbox One?360 emulation were hard even on Xbox One.

@Jayofmaya Third party games on Game Pass usually stay there for 1 year. Some even longer, and some shorter depending if people play them or not.

I would say 12 months is enough time to complete more than 50% of a game.

@Ventilator But that’s where there would be no point in emulating Xbox 360 games if you could just port it. Of course, I’m well aware that the Switch is not as powerful as an Xbox One or a gaming PC.

@fafonio software physically needs hardware to run, please explain to me how you run software without hardware, you are wrong, emulators DO use your hardwares resources

Secondly, you said 360 games, not rare replay which uses Microsoft’s own emulator specifically made for Xbox One, not Nintendo Switch.

@NathanTheAsian They could port the games instead, but if they wanted to port them they would already have done that instead of emulating them on Xbox One. Porting all the games would cost too much money and were not worth the effort. Especially since it costed only 30 bucks for all 30 games on release.
If you badly want them, you can get Xbox One 2013 model for cheap nowadays. Then get a Game Pass sub as they are included there too.

Kameo on Xbox 360 is one of the best Rare games ever made btw. and still looks great even 14 years after release.
Kameo were a big loss for GameCube

@NathanTheAsian You should 100% research it, a port and emulating specific hardware are two different things entirely.

Infact maybe you should go look at what type of CPU you need to run ps3 games on PC since you mentioned ps3 games as well

Nintendo have already shown they’re interested in streaming games to Switch. But they can’t do it outside Japan. Once Xbox have cracked game streaming I think Nintendo will want a piece of that for selected games. Nintendo will enjoy annoying Sony by doing this. That could be an awesome link up. More likely than game pass on Switch as Game Pass is likely too generous for Nintendo’s taste. I do find it weird Xbox have never tried to create a handheld xbox console, but I guess the intention is that once phones are good enough and streaming to phones is good enough that phones will become the Xbox handheld console. It will be an awesome day when that is common!

At least I am, after the support they’ve shown Nintendo, as a Nintendo fan, I’d be a fool not to support Microsoft as well.

They want Nintendo as their complimentary device. NSO is hot garbage, so XBox Live/Gamepass/xCloud would actually have a lot to offer many a Switch owner. Done right, with proper advertising, it could benefit Nintendo just as much. Buy this cool little handheld and you not only get Nintendos games, but also Halo and everything else Microsoft is offering. Microsoft seems to be doing everything right currently and poising themselves well with an entire ecosystem across whatever platform people want to use it on, instead of the 90s console war Sony is still stuck in. The 90s console wars were fun, I admit, but I prefer this modern take of getting along that Microsoft is pushing. I’ve always been a Nintendo/PC guy first, but the way Microsoft has been lately makes want to try out their gamepass on my PC and check out their ecosystem.

@GrailUK maybe they mean sustainability as in their not interested in actually signing a long term doc instead of giving Nintendo an occasional hookup

@Shadowthrone You prefer renting all your games and never knowing how long they’ll be available or in what form? This saddens me.

If game pass was on Switch, I’d get a XSX / Switch combo no question. But alas

I’m glad MS brought Cuphead, or, and Minecraft to the Switch. Anything more would be gravy.

Maybe if Nintendo were making bank off switch hardware I could see this happening, until then, how many people would buy a switch and only use it for gamepass, not ever even buying a switch game🤔

The genius of the Switch is that Nintendo no longer competes in their space. Going forward, people will own an MS, Sony, or PC and a Switch. Nintendo will have a lower price point and portability they can’t match (and aren’t interested in).

I think its good they arent making promises because if they do, people will be like, “OH MY GEE MASTER CHIEF IS IN SMASH!!!” And then sakurai would be pressured into putting master chief into smash because microsoft made a promise.

It’d be great to see N64 Rare games on switch. I have been tempted to buy a current XBox One just for Rare Replay, but haven’t been able to justify it. Maybe if I can pick up one used really cheap after the new one comes out.

It seems like it would be a good move for both companies to get the N64 Rare games on Switch. I bet they could charge a good price for them. I know I’d pay $60 for just the N64 Rare games.

It seems like they wouldn’t have to put a lot of resources into getting the games on the switch either since they already have an N64 emulator. I remember reading that Rare games had their own GPU microcode or something since the stock GPU microcode had some issues. I read it in an article that was comparing PSX to N64, but Wikipedia also has a section about it: If for some reason Nintendo’s emulator doesn’t already support that there may be some work there.

@Dm9982 TBH, the only way I see that happening is if they buy nintendoThough it would be awesome to see gamepass on switch.

Access to full eco-systems? Uhhhok then. Well, it was still nice of them to share some of their stuff for a bit anyway. And I don’t expect them to do this forever, (but rare replay woulda made sense to offer up.)

@MarioBrickLayer Rare Replay on Switch. I have no connection to N64’s Rare and I am not loving DK64 on the U.

@Ventilator Switch isn’t powerful enough to run a collection of 8bit, 16bit and old 3D games that were originally on Nintendo systems? I’m going to assume that’s sarcasm.

I love Game Pass PC, it’s brilliant so if it came to Switch, I’d be interested.

Microsoft’s end goal is to drown everything with Game Pass, if it came to Switch and PS5 there would be a point where people buy fewer 1st party Nintendo and Sony games because they’re not in Game Pass eventually forcing those games in Game Pass resulting in Microsoft owning everything.

An ugly future for gaming awaits if Game Pass infects PS5 and Switch. Sony’s not helping the situation by making PS5 games $70 which will drive even more people to Game Pass.

@Tempestryke It’s not about power. Rare Replay literally uses Xbox 360 backwards compatibility versions of the 3 Banjo games, the 2 Perfect Dark games, the 2 Viva Pinata games, Kameo and Jetpac Refuelled. It can’t even come to PC in its current form because Xbox 360 games aren’t playable on PC via backwards compatibility.

Personally I’m more than okay with the support they have given nintendo, they didn’t have to do any of it.

@status-204 That depends on the person. Some people like owning and replaying games, while others will trade in that game for another one, or updated version. That gamepass would suit them the most.

Me personally I used to worry about owning my games, and I still do buy them. However unless you have complete access to your library(physical or on steam) once the generation gets too old you could possibly lose access to those games.

@NathanTheAsian “I’m not even going to research on this and just go off of logic. If the Switch is able to handle a port of a PS4/Xbox One, how would it not be able to emulate PS3/Xbox 360 games? I hope you were joking.

I’m not even going to research on this and just go off of logic. Emulating a game and downporting a game is not the same. Switch can handle xbox one ports, albeit with many graphical and frame rate sacrifices.

Emulating games require much more processing power than a natively developed game. Even the 360 games of rare replay had to be optimized to be emulated on the xbox one. And they are not guaranteed to run well. Kameo, for example, runs horribly on my xbox one, with constant frame rate drops that make me dizzy.

The switch did emulated mario sunshine and super mario galaxy, but they don’t have 360 levels of graphical and processing needs.

I think Microsoft could make some good money just porting they’re older games to the Switch, and it makes for good marketing as well.

what if they brought the first 3 Halo or Gears games? I think they would sell good and I believe some Nintendo fans would then be looking at maybe purchasing the new Xbox system.

I definitely wouldn’t mind more collaborations between Microsoft and Nintendo in the future myself. It is good for gaming as a whole, and I love that their company ideas align. Even if nothing else comes out of this, I am still happy with what Microsoft has shared thus far.

@graysoncharles If you didn’t see my second comment, I already acknowledged the difference between ports and emulators.

@Doktor-Mandrake Like I said, I’m okay with it. I even have an XBOX Series X on pre-order and can’t wait for it to arrive here.

Microsoft should release most of their games on the Switch simply to get Japanese gamers to play their exclusives. The Xbox One sold terribly in Japan and if Japanese gamers are introduced to their exclusives on the Switch they will buy the Series X.

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