CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Dozens of people reported a possible meteor lighting up the morning sky Wednesday across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

According to the American Meteor Society’s reports, the bright and brilliant meteor was seen in other parts of the U.S. and may have spanned up to Canada.

“It became extremely bright and then fizzled out after a half second,” one observer wrote from Mason.

“This was a very rare experience that I am happy I got to witness,” reads another from Springdale. “It looked like something sparked a fire in the air and then it turned bright blue and fell from the sky.”

Others took to Twitter with descriptions of a possible meteor, asteroid or shooting star, a bright light that also appeared to be green or blue before turning red or orange and flashing out.

The meteor flash was certainly much brighter in eastern Ohio. This is from an camera in Steubenville.

#fireball or #meteorI have it on video on my TikTok and on my YouTube page ( & )

There was the coolest shooting star I’ve ever seen this morning and if you missed it I feel bad for you

Just happened to look southeast this morning before 6:30 and caught a meteor in the sky. Lit up all red, looked like a contrail fizzling out. Can’t remember ever seeing one beforevery cool!

A dispatcher with the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s post in Lebanon said she took one call from a man who reported a possible sighting. She said she referred him to the Federal Aviation Administration (FEW) because they don’t handle such incidents.

“The Southern Taurids are a long-lasting shower that several minor peaks during its activity period. The Taurids (both branches) are rich in fireballs and are often responsible for increased number of fireball reports from September through November.”

Anyone see a large green flash in the eastern sky before 06:25 East? West of fort wayne, indiana looking east.#meteor #ufo #plane #green #sky #fortwayne #indiana

I can’t wait to tell my grade 3 science students @HPSVP about the #meteor I saw on my run this morning! This isn’t my photo but this is what it looked like. What a cool morning surprise! #space #science

Just saw an impressive #meteor enter the atmosphere in the western skyI am in Alexandria VA around 6:40am. Was green then turned orange before it flamed out. Nature bruh

Holy crap. Anyone else see the HUGE fireball over #pittsburgh just now?!? I’m running right by AGH and it flashed so brightleft a huge streak in the sky. One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. I actually had to squint it was so bright.

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World news – US – Meteor, asteroid or UFO? Multiple reports of streak of bright light

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