The digital revolution has given power to the consumer, and the various developments in knowledge, Communication, information and technology jostle the foundations and classic paradigms of marketing and grows to become a dialogue marketing, facing a customer is no longer captive, but increasingly Zapper.

In recent years, the world has experienced many changes, developments, phenomena and events. The results, the effects, the impact and influence have affected most areas, and man, with his fashion and lifestyle, his behavior, habits and expectations, has not escaped the impact and was influenced in one way or another, and the impact involved several levels and dimensions. As a consumer, I must say that the man has changed behavior. The globalization of markets, competition, the evolution and technological progress, digitalization of the customer experience and many other factors, did, today, consumer behavior, is not what it was. The web development 2.0 and the emergence of social media and networks have changed so much in Marketing, which sees itself as a function to enable the organization to gain a competitive sustainable advantage, thanks to a profitable relationship and long-term customer, and based on the value of the product or service offered.

Today, the consumer has the opportunity to interact with the company. Communication has become bilateral and interactive, it will do more than the company towards the customer, but he also has the opportunity to respond, react, to speak, express an opinion, opinion or dissatisfaction. Today's consumer is increasingly informed, thanks to the information available on the Web and other media, through the platform that gives access to social networks and virtual communities, it has the power to assess or harm the reputation of a company or brand, it has the power to give recommendations, prescriptions (Buzz, mouth electronic ear, comments on facebook and other networks ....) and to influence the decisions of those who are part of his entourage, and who can be trusted more than any other messages for advertising purposes. It is also important to note that the development of information and communications technology has changed the way people communicate and also their way of life and interactions with others. In the era of robotics, connected objects, digitalization, and social networks, we are witnessing the emergence of an individual (consumer) materialist who built through consumption, in a context where the image importing times the usefulness of the product. The current consumer is one of the tribes, characterized by instability and they are less accessible than the segment.

The consumer wants to be modern-day product for him, with him, he wants to be a co-creator, it is listened to and that its opinion is taken into account, it has become unpredictable, chameleon and research of emotions and new experiences. This is a new consumer demands, and who wants it all, immediately without waiting, he wants us to talk to him, being informed, and that answers these questions and that treats a personalized way. Through different media and different channels that consumers use, they require interactive communication and dialogue, they themselves become media, and they also generate a significant amount of information to be managed and structure for understanding.

In this context, it would be legitimate to say that the relationship between marketing and consumers have changed, and the current marketing approach leads to a questioning of traditional models of marketing and past certainties including consumer behavior vision. The digital revolution has given certe power consumers, it represents a potential Niche exploitable by several professional entity.

Classical and traditional market research, polls, questionnaires, group discussions and other methods have shown their limit, and knowledge from microeconomics that are based on the assumption of rationality are questioned in marketing, because the consumer is today as a result of several factors (among other digital) because it is modern. Thereby, Marketing faces challenges, the actors and the context have changed, and it is expected to become smart, responsible and evolving face of change and consumer behavior change. It must be the continuous search for consistency with its purpose, follow its evolution and provide elements of understanding and improvements in its thought and action models.

In the world of social media and digitization, you have to ask questions about the role of marketing that is changing at a time when control over the content and the information is almost out of the hands of organizations and moves customers(because it influences corporate communication about their products or services), and communications are sometimes governed by consumers(alert to false advertising) , and is also interested in the strength of theories and traditional marketing practices that are facing the test of validity and relevance in today's world of social media.

In this context, we may question marketers seeking to improve the performance of organizations and the welfare of society. This reflection can give rise to other issues and that research avenues should borrow by researchers to improve the level of research, on topics evolution and provide answers to enrich the knowledge and understanding of phenomena and facts, elevating the debate with a deep reflection and broad vision.

This does not affect the marketing process or the foundation of its approaches and models, but it is for companies to engage in improvements, innovation and a rigorous analysis of consumer requirements by adopting effective methods to analyze in a more delicate and further behavior(or habits) and consumption.

In this direction, digital is a great ally that represents a new rapidly expanding sector(the coveted modernity by thousands of communities).

In the digital age, the techniques used to meet the needs of customers and increase sales turn over of innovations, which now offer almost endless possibilities. The digital media have in fact increased in recent years (laptops, tablets, mobiles, connected objects of all kinds) and advertising and customer relations have undergone significant changes.

If digital marketing is so widely used, this is because it provides so many benefits to businesses for grow their notoriety, retain and make real savings, to customers who can receive personalized benefits. However, These opportunities do not consist simply digitizing existing techniques. They actually require very specific skills, and the former in digital marketing has become a necessity for most entities.


If one focuses much on digital media today, to develop and sustain its business, This is because digital is not only omnipresent in our lives, but also because it provides many benefits. Time saving, markets more accessible, personalization of relationships and better control of the budget are only the benefits of many, generated by digital processing.

The general marketing actions intended to go to the client, the digital marketing is the current trend and has several active channels and requested (whose new niche currently the most coveted by thousands of potential customers and worldwide ). For a success it is necessary to develop a good strategy and use the right means from where the existence of marketing consultancy agencies, e-marketing and web design and other like CSS ENGINEERING.

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