The New Yorker reporter had a clever question that throws doubt on the face recognition technology development conspiracy theory. He said: “Why then do they want us to wear masks?” Credit: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

There are some amazing theories out there to explain why our governments want us to socially distance and wear face masks, as if that was a mystery. In a recent article in the New Yorker, a protester claimed that social distancing helps secret experimentation into face recognition technology.

I am intrigued. I have been getting messages on Facebook that link me to pictures of someone who looks like me and asking me to confirm that the face is actually mine. The face in this particular case is my twin brother’s. And he does look like me. So, clearly that technology is advancing rapidly.

And nothing would help it more than if we would just stand away from each other and let the cloaked drones that are hovering over our heads get a clearer view. Except that then we would all have to look up.

The New Yorker reporter had a clever question that throws doubt on the face recognition technology development conspiracy theory. He said: “Why then do they want us to wear masks?”

But not so fast. It may be that the technology is now at a stage in its development where the boffins are concentrating on the eyes. I don’t know. I only suggest it.

Are governments doing anything else to make us behave in a manner that would assist in the development of espionage technology and social monitoring? Of course. Why do you think they didn’t ban the internet?

Now, we face targeted advertising based on past purchases, but for some reason I am being inundated with ads for products that remove ear wax. How would they know if I have ear wax? Actually, I don’t have ear wax, but I probably shouldn’t say that, for then they’ll know even more about me.

Another possibility is that the Government ordered lockdown in March so that we would all be in our homes when they were doing something so big and secret that they needed us to look the other way.

This would have been an ideal circumstance for an alien landing. The cities were emptied, so the aliens could beam down into city squares and then be rushed off in Government limousines to underground bunkers where our leaders could negotiate peace terms, or trade deals, with them.

Some think we made first contact at a moon base back in 1969, though others say, of course the moon landing was all faked.

Or it could be that they were up to some entirely different experiment, but some military boffin may have said to the Government, “Get the people off the streets for a couple of months. We’re trying something out.

Think about it. The skies were cleared, too. That would have facilitated the alien landing, or maybe just given the military-industrial complex a chance to test a new weapon.

In fact, the more you think about it, the more obvious it is that this was all about the skies. We were all looking up and thinking, ‘Isn’t it lovely to see the skies so clear’ and, as we did, so the cloaked drones were photographing our bright, happy faces for the face recognition technology development programme.

Why did they get us all to stand on our doorsteps at eight o’clock every Thursday clapping nurses?

Of course, you can’t have a real pandemic panic unless some people really do get sick. But the Government needs young people, not just as workers, but as healthy bodies for future sinister experiments, so it invented a virus that would mostly take out old people.

Maybe it’s all simpler and killing people is really what it’s all about. Maybe this is just a cull, so that they can redirect resources away from care of the elderly.

And if people with other illnesses catch it and die, too, that’s perfect. We’re only left with healthy people and don’t need a health service at all.

Unless, of course, it is the far-Left that’s behind this and they want us all to panic about health and demand a bigger health service. You couldn’t be up to them.

I could have learnt more if I had joined the Dublin protest against the insidious social engineering.

I could have put on a mask and sung along to The Foggy Dew and they’d never have suspected me as an infiltrator.

I would have heard ideas from people about how they think a government that can’t draw the curtains in the morning without triggering another story in the papers about its incompetence manages to bamboozle us all into playing along with the military-industrial complex and a secret space programme.

What’s their take on the media? Is Fintan O’Toole in on this? Mary Lou? Was Brexit all a distraction?

And what was really going on at the so called Oireachtas Golf Club dinner? Why was it held in the remote west of Ireland? Clifden! What do we know about submarines that might have been offshore at the time?

And why is Putin playing along? This stinks. And why can’t Trump just blow the whole thing wide open? He keeps hinting that it’s a hoax, but he won’t come out with it. Obviously, they have got to him. Has Robin Swann got the goods on him?

Research in Brazil shows that people who refuse to wear masks are more likely to be of a maladaptive, sociopathic disposition. This is very interesting.

It shows how the whole mask-wearing experiment might be delivering valuable information to the securocrats about which people are least amenable to manipulation.

Information like that could be used by secret agencies within the deep state to identify and nullify the truculent and independent-minded who might be more trouble in case of a real emergency.

So, what they have done is create a phoney emergency to flush these people out in advance of a real crisis, during which they would be a problem. Which means they really do expect something bad to happen. An asteroid strike? A real pandemic?

But here’s what I really think. I think there is a virus out there whose spread accelerates if it is not checked. And I think that the peoples of numerous countries around the world who took this seriously did check its spread and did save millions of lives.

But that theory is so outlandish, such a credit to the mass of people, that cynics have to doubt it.


One person in Northern Ireland was critically ill with Covid-19 yesterday, while a further 10 people were diagnosed with the virus.


Parents fear making kids sit transfer tests in grammar school halls could put their health in danger.


There are now 60 police officers self-isolating after it emerged that eight officers from Antrim Police Station had tested positive for Covid-19.




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